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LSC-North Harris Strategic Planning


The LSCS Strategic Planning Framework (developed by the system-wide planning committee) will serve to provide guidance as the employees of LSC-North Harris conduct strategic planning efforts. A LSC-North Harris Strategic Planning Steering Committee-consisting of 45 members representing all areas of the college-has been formed to guide a collaborative process. The committee consists of 12 faculty representatives, 18 college-at-large representatives, 3 student representatives, 3 support staff representatives, 3 professional staff representatives, and 4 administrative representatives and 2 facilitators.

During a Strategic Planning Steering Committee meeting, Dr. Head presented the committee with a charge to focus on three main areas that are important to the college: Teaching and Learning, Student Success, and Community. These three areas have served as the main "themes" while implementing the strategic planning process. Dr. Head stressed the importance of making this a very collegiate, collaborative process and emphasized how important the process is for the success of our students, faculty and staff of LSC-North Harris, LSC-Greenspoint, and LSC-Carver Center, not only for the next three years but for years to come.

Therefore, the responsibility of the Steering Committee is to collaboratively develop the strategies, actions, key indicators, and accountability measures for each goal and objective.  Some committee members have the responsibility of serving as Goal Keepers, further collaborating with various college constituents that may have a potential impact on formulating specific goal details and determining goal priorities. Furthermore, the division deans and other college area leaders have taken the initiative to develop division- and area-specific plans that weave into the fabric of the master LSC-North Harris plan.

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