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Contact Information
Director of Purchasing
Nora Jerez
Manager, Purchasing
Kim Burnaman
Construction Buyer
Matthew Glidden
Cynthia Bright
Michelle Allen
Sharon Ognowski
Helen Kubiak
Purchasing Card Administrator
Trisha Narinesingh
Purchasing Cards Assistant
Candis Hargrave
Analyst I
Lynn Bourque
Vendor Services, Spec. III
Donna Cottrell
System Analyst II
LSCS Purchasing strives to conduct Procurement processes in an ethical and fair manner providing equal opportunity to all prospective vendors.

We award contracts through the formal competitive process (Bids), through the quote process or through the utilization of purchasing cooperative contracts.

The procurement system in the People Soft ERP (iStar) is based on categories (commodities) determined for each type of goods or services that LSCS procures. Each Buyer is assigned a number of categories and they are the main contact in purchasing for requestors and users for their assigned commodities.

Vendors who wish to do business with the college must first register in iStar.

Once a vendor has registered in iStar, and a bid opportunity arises, an email is sent automatically to the vendor based on their commodity registration.

Bids and informal quotes are processed electronically in the People Soft ERP (iStar).

Our Purchasing Process

The traditional steps involved in a purchase include:

  • Identify a need to buy goods or services
  • Verify budget is available
  • The purchasing method is determined by the value of the purchase (dollar thresholds)
  • Requestors/approvers process an electronic requisition or a contract in the iStar System
  • The transaction is electronically routed to the assigned Buyer
  • The Buyer reviews the information and issues a Purchase order to the vendor
  • The goods or services are received by the requestor
  • Invoices are sent to the Accounts Payable Department and paid upon verification
  • Purchasing discrepancies are resolved by the Buyer, the vendor and our requestors

If you have previously registered in the old system, please re-register in iStar. The information in the old system was not converted.

P-Card Policies

LSCS utilizes the Procurement Card (P-Card) Program to conduct small dollar transactions (under $2,500) and for travel and expenses, as identified in the P Card procedure.

P-Cards are issued to requestors, upon receipt of the employee’s supervisor’s approval.

Requestors may order goods utilizing a P- Card and pay for goods upon ordering.  Employees who utilize the P – Card process are also required to submit a reconciliation of P- Card charges, in order for those charges to become expenses in the appropriate budget. It is important to do this in a timely fashion in order to provide requestors updated and accurate budget information.

Examples of items that cannot be purchased with a P-Card include: personal expenses such as fuel, alcoholic beverages, ATM cash or personal gifts, toner cartridges, Staples/VWR purchases, services. 
In addition, purchases of software/hardware require prior approval from OTS.

Approved Purchasing Cooperatives

In addition to our competitively bid contracts, we also utilize vendor contracts that have been awarded through approved purchasing cooperatives. When procuring goods or services using a purchasing cooperative contract, request that the vendor reference the applicable contract on their quote and that the provisions of the contract are included.

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