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Science Tutoring

Contact Information
Academic Success Center
2nd Floor
Learning Commons / Library
9191 Barker Cypress Rd
Cypress, TX 77433


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Biology, Physics & Chemistry

To find out the current Science tutoring schedule, pleas visit the Tutoring Area or call 281-290-3279.

What Our Tutors Can Do for You

  • Help you with assignments related to your coursework
  • Refer you to books and web sites that will act as a follow-up to your tutoring session

The Science Center

Biology, Physics and Chemistry Tutoring

Located in room LRNC 203, the Science Center provides a quiet area in which you can study science subjects alone or in study groups. As well as Internet access, the Lab has microscope slides, rocks, and laboratory models of bones, muscles, brain, eye, ear and skin.



Other Services

The Academic Success Center presents student success seminars,exam jams and other learning activities. Please see the campus closed-circuit TV, your instructor, and campus bulletin boards for times, dates and locations.

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