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LSC-North Harris Clubs

Getting involved on campus is easy. Lone Star College-North Harris offers many organizations for students interested in service, cultural enrichment, music and the arts, academic enrichment, or just fun.  See what clubs are available for you and communicate with them bellow (listed in alpha order).

Organization Description Advisor
A-Team Joining together as a team to plan and run fun activities for the LSC-North Harris Campus. Facebook/Twitter Dan Mitsven
Absolute Advantage Economics Club Providing opportunities for community service, education, and networking for student interested in the field of economics. Oswaldo Naranjo
Account-4-Success Preparing students interested in accounting with proper tools sought after int he professional environment. Perry Sellers
AfterMath Promoting mathematics & its application for physics, engineering, and mathematics majors; providing career information and speakers. Jim Polito
Alpha Omega:
Collegiate Fellowship from Beginning to End
Offering opportunities for fellowship, education, mentoring, and enrichment for students at the Greenspoint Center. Oni Chambers
Ambassadors Representing LSC-North Harris to the community through visiting high schools, legislators, campus guests, and business people. Becca Stephenson
Pradeep Lele
David Smith
American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Student Affiliates
Promoting equality for women, lifelong education, and positive societal change. Wendy Palma
Anime & Gaming Club Bringing modern arts and innovative technology to the LSC-North Harris community. Dan Mitsven
Archery Star Organization (A.S.O.) Providing instruction and skill development opportunities for students with archery abilities at all levels. Norma Drepaul

Asian Student Association for Progress (A.S.A.P.)

Promoting cultural awareness of all Asian cultures through educational support, networking, creative expressions, leadership, and service. Patlindsay Catalla
Brother for Brother (B4B) Assisting in the academic, personal, and social development of minority young men at LSC-North Harris & Victory Center. Rodney Coleman
(North Harris)
Clifford Johnson
(Victory Center)
Campus Christian Club Uniting students interested in a deepening understanding of the Bible and its relevance to their lives.  Chapters at North Harris, Greenspoint & Victory Centers. Gwendolyn Charvis
(North Harris)
Janet Muzal
(North Harris)
Billy Voisin
(North Harris)
Mignette Dorsey
(Greenspoint & Victory)
Sheila Stedham
Cosmetology Club Bringing together students interested in the cosmetology profession; minimal dues and monthly meetings required. Tiffany Burton
Huong Haddad
Digital Media Club Uniting students interested in CIT and Visual Communications through training and professional development. Kendall Lawrence
Marc Gordon
Disabilities Awareness and Assistance Group (D.A.A.G.) Providing outreach and educational programs regarding issues related to students with disabilities. Anne Perucca
Glenda Hong
Earth Alliance Promoting awareness & facilitating protection of the environment through education, encouragement &
hands-on involvement.
Janice Heartgrove-Freile
Emergency Medical Services Student Association (E.M.S.S.A.) Promoting EMS as a career, developing leadership among members & supporting the growth of EMS in the community & LSC. Jennifer Briggs
Engineering Student Organization (E.S.O.) Informing students of the opportunities available in the Engineering field; competing in engineering related competitions. David Mott
Ernesto Valenzuela
Film Club Enhancing student cultural appreciation for the art of cinematography and the presentation of films. Janice Heartgrove-Freile
Jim Good

Future American Sign Language Interpreters (F.A.S.L.I.)

Encouraging students to participate in public affairs related to interpreting careers. Charles Trevino
Gay & Lesbian Organization of Students in Support (G.L.O.S.S.) Increasing AIDS awareness & availability of resources; creating an environment for everyone regardless of sexual orientation. David L. Davis
Candace Sexton-Ruiz
Janice Heartgrove-Freile
Jennifer Welsh
Geology Club Advancing the knowledge of Geology through hands-on opportunities of learning within nature. Jeffrey Lewis
Honors Student Organization (H.S.O.) Enhancing the Honors Program through student interactions and programs. Brian Kyser
Hurricane Men's Baseball Club Promoting the sport of baseball & competing against other colleges as representatives of LSC-North Harris. Shirley Ennis
Hurricane Men's & Women's Basketball Club
Promoting the sport of basketball & competing against other colleges as representatives of LSC-North Harris. Shirley Ennis
Hurricane Men's & Women's Soccer Club Promoting the sport of soccer & competing against other colleges as representatives of LSC-North Harris. Shirley Ennis
Hurricane Women's Volleyball Club Promoting the sport of volleyball & competing against other colleges as representatives of LSC-North Harris. Shirley Ennis
International Student Alliance (I.S.A.) Promoting appreciation for the diversity of cultures, languages & national origins of LSC students, faculty & staff. Margaret Ghazi
Latin American Student Organization (L.A.S.O.) Sharing positive influence of Latin & Hispanic cultures & promoting awareness of their importance through unity & education activities. Tony Diaz
Lisa Cordova

National Technical Honor Society (N.T.H.S.)

Recognizing outstanding student achievement in career & technical education. Keith Sayles
North Star News Acquiring hands-on experience in the field of newspaper publication & publishing a campus newspaper. Facebook/Twitter JR Wilson
Paralegal Association Promoting the paralegal field by enabling members to enhance or establish networking skills with others & enjoy guest speakers & legal field trips. Marcy Delesandri
Phi Theta Kappa Recognizing & promoting academic excellence & leadership abilities; membership by invitation with
3.5 G.P.A. & 12 credit hours at LSC-North Harris.
Lynda Dodgen
Laura Dupree
Pre-Medical & Health Science Society (P.M.H.S.S.) Raising awareness of careers in science & related fields; promoting interaction between students & their community. Susan Allen
Show of Hands Promoting awareness of deaf culture & sign language; hearing & deaf impaired welcome; interpreter is available at all club functions. Candace Sexton-Ruiz
Sisters Aspiring for Greatness through Education (S.A.G.E.) Offering opportunities for fellowship, education, mentoring & enrichment for students at the Victory Center. Ashley Rogers-Victor
Student Government Association (S.G.A.) Equipping students with a vehicle for their voices to be heard; unifying students in working for the betterment of LSC-North Harris & Greenspoint & Victory Centers. Dan Mitsven
Student Nurses Association (S.N.A.) Supporting students in the nursing program & interested in nursing through out-of-calss programs & development. Rajrani Sharma
Connie Noeller
Student Veterans Association (S.V.A.) Providing a voice for veterans at LSC-North Harris; promoting a sense of individual obligation among students to the community. Layton Gill

Texas State Teachers Association-Student Program (T.S.T.A.-S.P.)

Facilitating the education & career development of students preparing for careers in teaching. Dan Mitsven
Upbeat Dance Group Offering jazz, ballet, lyrical, hip-hop/funk & other styles of dance. Upbeat is an innovative, energetic dance team. Shirley Ennis
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