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Business and Technology Resources

Policies & Procedures

  • Books to be used on site only
  • Collateral required - Driver's License or Student ID only
  • Make sure the tutor on duty checks you back in when the item is returned so you will not be held responsible for missing items.

Technology Resources

Available items

  • Textbooks
  • Headphones

Handouts (Adobe PDF files for Print)

Online Resources

Business Resources

(Adobe PDF files for Print)


 Asset Impairment
 Depreciation Methods 
 Goodwill and R&D
 Inventory Illustrations
 Inventory Terms
 Long Term Asset Costing
 Long Term Asset Issues
 Notes Receivable


 Accounting Services
 Evidence and Documentation
 Planning and Internal Control
 Reporting and Opinion
 Sampling and Working Papers
 Standards and Risk


 Foreign Currency
 Intercompany Transactions
 Interim Reporting
 Pooling of Interests
 Segment Reporting
 Special Purpose Entities


 Accounting Basics
 Accounting Careers
 Accounting Changes
 Accounting Principles
 Accounting Procedure
 Balance Sheet Accounts
 Cash Flows
 Closing and Statements
 Finance and Ratios
 Fund Accounting
 Government Accounting
 Income Statement
 Not for Profit Accounting


 Bond Characteristics
 Corporate Tax
 Current Liabilities
 Debt Valuation and Interest
 Franchise, Consignment, and Construction
 Installment Sales
 Lease Accounting
 Lease Characteristics
 Pension Obligation and Expense
 Revenue Recognition Rules
 Special Lease Issues
 Types of Pensions


 Budgets and Controls
 Cost Allocation
 Cost Analysis and Decisions
 CVP, CM, and EU
 Types of Costing

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