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LSC-University Park Tutoring

Get the most out of Tutoring

Bring a copy of your assignment, along with any other necessary course materials and textbooks.

 Ask specific questions.


Allow enough time to complete your assignment before the deadline.

Tutoring is provided on a walk-in basis. During busy times, writing tutors may limit sessions to 20-30 minutes, and math tutors may assist as needed while circulating among the students. Remember that the tutor's responsibility is to guide students towards a clearer understanding of course material. Students are responsible for the content of their assignments.

Tutoring Subject Areas

Check the schedule to confirm when or if a subject is available. 
  • Writing, Reading, and ESOL
  • Math
  • Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, and A&P)
  • Accounting
  • Economics

Other Tutoring

  • Grammar Crammer
  • Talk Time
  • Resources for Success
  • Test prep
  • Online students

Student Success Tips


  • Refer students for additional support
  • Class tours & visits: get your students acquainted with the SLRC
  • Extra credit opportunities
  • Handouts
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