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LSC-Tomball President

2012-2013 Annual Report
Departmental Contacts
Dr. Susan Karr
Phone: 281-351-3360  
Michael Weems
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 281-351-3360

Staff Assistant II
President's Office
Phone: 281.351.3321

Welcome to the Web page for the LSC-Tomball President, Dr. Susan Karr. The Office of the President provides coordinated leadership to the college community to create an environment which best fosters the proactive pursuit of education and the enrichment of the community as a whole.

Meet the President

Appointed as the fourth president of LSC-Tomball in August 2009, Dr. Susan Karr is known for her warmth,  passion for students, and dedication to the mission of the community college. 

Coming from a low income family in the foothills of Appalachia, Karr was the first in her family to attend college.  Karr's parents were only able to complete the fifth grade before they were called to the fields to work, and they never imagined that any of their children would have the opportunity to attend college, much less become a college president! 

Karr got her start at a community college and is a perfect example of the transformation that a college education can make in the life of a student.  Karr received a Ph.D in Community College Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin and credits Dr. John Roueche, Dr. Suanne Roueche, and Dr. George Baker as the ultimate mentors who forever changed her life for the better. 


Meet the President's Council

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