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Friends Scholarship Recipient

Michele Pompa received the first LSC Foundation Endowed Scholarship sponsored by the Friends!

Student Library Research Award

Thanks to the Friends of the Library for supporting this award and all the students and professors who submitted projects for 2012-2013!

Recipients for 2012-2013

First Place

Jordan Davis
"Avarice: A Case Study on the Abomination of For-Profit Prisons"
Professor Heidi Jo Green  - GOVT 2304

Second Place

Candelario Leal
"Genius, Madness and Shamanism and the Upper Paleolithic Revolution"
Professor Matt Backer - ARTS 1303

Third Place

Karla Segura
"Gloria Anzaldua and the Bi-Cultural Feminist Americana"
Professor Michelle Brown - ENGL 1302


  • First Place: April Johnson - "A Classic in Modern Times"
    Professor: Matt Backer
  • Second Place: Christopher Whitfill - "The Democratic Spirit"
    Professor: Mark Thorsby
  • Third Place: Bethany Reese - "Sin Represas: Without Dams!"
    Professor: Sergio Sarmiento


  • First Place: Cody Beers, "Daddy Complex"
    Professor: Patricia Healy
  • Second Place: Scott Liebling - "The Societal Effects of the Decline of Organized Labor in the United States"
    Professor: Heidi Jo Green
  • Third Place: Misty Nikel - "Reform for U.S.-China Trade"
    Professor: Patricia Healy


  • First Place: Brandon de Hoyos: "A War of Words: How Civil War Correspondents Changed the News Industry"
    Professor: Esther Robinson
  • Second Place: Gorge Sanchez-Ruiz: "Why the Federal Reserve Must Cease"
    Professor: Margaret Mendonca
  • Third Place: Jim Brant McMahon: "Prisoners of Intangible Walls"
    Professor: Sonila Themeli


  • First Place: Amy Mitamura: "The History of Radiation Safety"
    Professor: Cynthia Robertson 
  • Second Place: Victoria Marie Bee: "Female Genital Mutilation"
    Professor: Michelle Brown
  • Third Place: Maria A. Partearroyo: "Universal Health Care, a Right to Pursue"
    Professor: Bindu Nayar

Reflections of Study Abroad Photography Contest Winners

Fall 2012

  • First place Marilyn Ferguson - Ancient Walmart
  • Second place Alex Tompkins - The Rainforest
  • Third place Mamisi Gordon - Praying or Peddling

Fall 2011

  • First Place Michelle Martinez, Time Left Standing
  • Second Place Jassir Hernandez, Yellow Mountain
  • Third Place Martha Ocampo, Belly of Hongcun

Fall 2010

  • First Place Lindsay Green, Footprints on the Sands of Time
  • Second Place Kate Anderson, Vatican Museum Staircase
  • Third Place Meredith Thibodeaux, Stopped Motion

International Flavor of Houston Photography Contest - Spring 2010

  • First Place Abbas Batliwala, "All For a Cause"
  • Second Place Ashley Richardson, "At a Stand Still" 
  • Third Place Randy Olive, "Tu Bi Quan Am Dao Trang Temple"

Contact the Friends:

The LSC-CyFair Branch Friends of the Library operate under the auspices of the Lone Star College Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.
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