ENGL 0362                                   

Description:  This course develops nonnative English students’ reading and vocabulary skills for personal, academic, and professional communication using materials based on high interest topics. The course includes practice in reading and comprehending multi-paragraph descriptive and narrative articles, stories, reports, and dictionary entries. Focus is on literal comprehension, word analysis, vocabulary expansion, dictionary skills, and the use of library resources. Writing is required to complement varied reading activities.

Core Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to  

1.       Apply a variety of pre-reading strategies such as previewing, skimming, scanning, and predicting to set a purpose for reading and to increase reading comprehension.

2.       Identify the stated main idea of a paragraph or simple passage.

3.       Locate major and supporting ideas in multi-paragraph texts.

4.       Extract literal information from charts, graphs, photographs, and other illustrations.

5.       Guess the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary and phrases from context. 

6.       Use a monolingual ESL learner's dictionary to identify pronunciation, meaning, and part of speech of new vocabulary items.

Supporting Outcomes:

a.    Infer the main idea of selected reading passages.

b.   Summarize and paraphrase simple short stories and articles. 

c.    Respond to readings by conveying an idea, opinion, feeling or experience in a simple paragraph.

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