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Mechanical Engineering Technology Specialization AAS

The Mechanical Engineering Technology Specialization AAS (AAS_EDME) is offered at LSC-CyFair and LSC-North Harris. For more information, please contact the Engineering Technology Department.

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Program Description

The engineering design graphics technology associate of applied science degree program prepares graduates for entry-level careers as engineering design technicians. Courses within the program include technical design graphics applications, computer-aided design software and programming, solid modeling design, applied strength of materials, statics, technical specialty courses, and general academic courses.

The engineering design graphics technology associate of applied science degree is awarded for successful completion of the 62-69 semester credit hours required in degree plans. Students may specialize in architectural engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology or metal building drafting and design. Students desiring a less comprehensive program may consider the computer-aided design operator/drafting certificate. This certificate program includes 30 semester credit hours of required technical courses.

Graduates of the engineering design graphics technology associate of applied science degree possess the technical skills and knowledge to perform essential design layout, prepare supporting documentation, and create finished engineering documentation for production in the engineering, construction, or manufacturing industries. A wide variety of employment opportunities are available
to graduates.

The general education core and many technical courses will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact a counselor or faculty member at any of the colleges for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Program Plan

First Year Credit

Course Number Title Credits
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
ENGL 1301 Composition and Rhetoric I 3
DFTG 1305 Technical Drafting 3
MCHN 1319 Manufacturing Mat. & Processes 3
DFTG1 1309 Basic Computer-Aided Drafting 3
DFTG 2340 Solid Modeling/Design 3
METL 1301 Introduction to Metallurgy 3
MATH 1316 Trigonometry 3
DFTG 2302 Machine Drafting 3
DFTG1 2319 Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting 3
CETT 1409 DC-AC Circuits 4
ENGL 2311 Technical Communications OR 3
ENGL 1302 Composition and Rhetoric II  
Elective2   Humanities/Fine Arts 3
KINE   Any physical activity course 1

Second Year Credit

Course Number Title Credits
ENTC 1343 Statics 3
PHYS 1401 General Physics I 4
DFTG 2335 Advanced Technologies in Mechanical Design & Drafting 3
IEIR3 1310 Motor Controls OR 3
QCTC4 1303 Quality Control  
ENTC 1423 Strength of Materials 4
Elective2   Social/Behavioral Science 3
DFTG3 2336 CAD Programming OR 3
INMT4 1311 Computer Integrated Manufacturing OR  
DFTG5 2323 Pipe Drafting  
ENTC6 2380 Cooperative Education OR 3
DFTG6 2338 Final Project - Advanced Drafting OR  
DFTG6 1391 Special Topics in Drafting and Design Technology  
SPCH7   Elective 3

TOTAL Credits for Mechanical Engineering Technology Specialization:


  1. Meets computer competency.
  2. See college catalog for Associate of Applied Science degree graduation requirements for a listing of electives. Select course from either of these areas to meet multicultural requirement.
  3. IEIR 1310 and DFTG 2336 are intended for students wanting to focus on being mechanical designers, but
    may or may not be within a production manufacturing environment.
  4. QCTC 1303 and INMT 1311 are intended for students wanting to focus their employment within a production
    and manufacturing environment.
  5. DFTG 2323 is intended for students wanting to focus on being mechanical designers in oil field and process
    related industries.
  6. Capstone course.
  7. Choose from SPCH 1311, SPCH 1315 or SPCH 1321.
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