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WOW Proposal Form

Event Details

Name of Submitter:
Today’s Date:
Organization Name:
(if applicable)
Event Title:
Proposed Date
of Event:
of Submitter:
Campus Address:

Event Summary (please be as specific as possible; maximum 200 words):
Please address the following questions:

  1. How will the event facilitate the purpose of WOW?
  2. What are the specific objectives of the event?
  3. Who is your intended audience?
  4. What is you estimated attendance? Please be specific to the intended facilities.
  5. How will your event be marketed in order to ensure attendance by the intended audience? Please be specific.
  6. Are there any specific needs associated with the event (facilities, technology, etc)?

Event Funding

Total Budget
Will this amount cover
all expenses related
to the event?
What other funding
will be used?

Anticipated Expenditures and Rationales

Please provide a specific cost and justification for each budget item.

Description Cost Justification
1. Promotion: $
2. Food: $
3. Services: $
4. Decorations: $
5. Printing: $
6. Other: $


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