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Biology 2404: Lab PowerPoints

Lab One: Cells, Tissues, Bones

Lab List

 Body Regions - Surface Anatomy                           Print (.pdf) 
 Microscope – Mitosis  Print (.pdf)
 Tissues  Print (.pdf)
 Bones – Skull  Print (.pdf)
 Bones – Vertebrae  Print (.pdf)
 Bones – Upper & Lower Limb  Print (.pdf)
 Long Bone - Skin  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 1 – Full Review  Print (.pdf)

Lab Two: Muscles, Nervous

Lab List

 Muscles – Head, Torso, Arm                                  Print(.pdf) 
 Muscles – Lower Limb, Joints  Print(.pdf)
 Nervous – Brain  Print(.pdf)
 Nervous – Spinal Cord, Plexus  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 2 – Full Review 1  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 2 – Full Review 2   Print(.pdf)

Lab Three: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Urinary

Lab List

 Cardiovascular – Heart                                           Print(.pdf) 
 Cardiovascular – Blood  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular – Major Blood Vessels  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular – Blood Vessels with Cat  Print(.pdf)
 Cardiovascular – Pulse Points, EKG, Vessels  Print(.pdf)
 Respiratory  Print(.pdf)
 Urinary  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 3 – Full Review 1  Print(.pdf)
 Practical 3 – Full Review 2  Print(.pdf)

Lab Four: Digestive, Reproductive

Lab List

 Digestive                                                                   Print (.pdf) 
 Male Reproductive  Print (.pdf)
 Female Reproductive  Print (.pdf)
 Development  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 4 – Full Review 1  Print (.pdf)
 Practical 4 – Full Review 2  Print (.pdf)

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