ESOL Reading 5 / Developmental Reading II for ESOL Students

ENGL 0305  

Description:  This is a developmental reading course which continues the instruction and reinforcement of skills taught in ENGL 0304. Emphasis is on learning higher level reading skills required for college reading assignments. Short paragraph writing is required to complement some reading activities.

Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to

1.       Effectively use study aids available in college texts, including the preface, table of contents, objectives, glossaries, indices, appendices, and other common features, to preview and study texts.

2.       Use vocabulary strategies to understand vocabulary common to college reading materials.

3.       Demonstrate comprehension by connecting new information to prior knowledge.

4.       Identify stated and implied main ideas from texts of various academic disciplines.

5.       Identify major and minor details to understand the relative importance of college textbook information.

6.       Use knowledge of patterns of organization to understand the relationships among ideas and to improve comprehension and retention.

7.       Apply critical reading skills to paraphrase, summarize, and respond to textbook information.

8.       Make inferences about author’s purpose, tone, bias, and intended meaning through the understanding of connotations of words and figurative language.

9.       Evaluate the credibility of the author and the information.

10.    Organize textbook information by selecting and using appropriate strategies such as outlining, mapping, annotation, and Cornell note-taking to enhance recall of material.

11.    Apply active reading, self-monitoring, and self-correcting strategies.

12.    Apply test-taking strategies.

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