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Our Students

Before graduation, students participate in an internship at a local biotechnology company. This experience helps them make the transititon from the skills practice to skills application. All students have been very successful in this program as they contribute to the goals of their employer's company.

2013 Biotechnology Students

Back Row, left to right: Erik P: LSC-M (Algae); Isaac T: Haliburton; Virginia H: Bruker; Marianne P: Opexa Therapeutics; Timothy H: LSC-M (Fuel Cell Research)
Front Row, left to right: Rebecca W: Natural Industries; Michael D: Opexa Therapeutics; Sheryl K: Opexa Therapeutics; Jotja B: Natural Industries
Not pictured: Mary Hubley: LSC-M; Eric Guerra

2011 Biotechnology Students

Back Row, left to right: Sarah R: Sigma; Jill B: Student; Cheron B: Student; James K: VGXi; Michelle C: LSC-M (Algae/PBR); Ryan R: Sigma; Erick G: Student; Josh M: LSC-M/GlycosBio; Holly W: LSC-M (Biodiesel)
Front Row, left to right: Amy H: N. Cypress Medical; Sylvia V: Natural Industires: Traci T: LSC-M (Biodiesel); Patricia S: VGXI; Kevin R: Houston Health Department; Adrian S: LSC-M; Jennifer F: Sigma

2010 Biotechnology Students

Back row, left to right: Marcos H: Baylor College of Medicine; Mark R: Power3 Medical; Heather M: Sigma Life Sciences Custom Products; Dr. Kainer; Director, LSCBI; Mike G: Biotechnology Solutions; Shonta S: Student; Andrew M: LSC-Montgomery; Isaac T:Weatherford Labs
Middle Row, left to right: Gaston G: LSC-Montgomery; Reagati K: Natural Industries; Tommy T: Student
Front Row, left to right: Erica L: New Energy Fuels; Vijay D: VGXi
Not Pictured: Adam R: SkinMedica; Sean F: LSC-Montgomery; Mark L: SkinMedica

2009 Biotechnology Interns

Back row, left to right: Mary Martha B: Xtreme Lashes; Juliana M: SkinMedica; Grace I: Sigma Genosys; Tanuja S: Bruker Optics; J.R. D: SkinMedica; Voltaire: Power3 Medical; Arrow C: VGXIi.
Front row, left to right: Stephen W: VGXIi; Swapna N: Power3 Medical

2008 Biotechnology Interns

Left to Right: Karina C: VGX; Paula J: BioTx; Mark C; Opexa; Cherry L: Skin Medica; Julia B; VGX; Kim E; Power3; Allyson C: USA Decon; Ernesto F: Lexicon; Joey B: Power3: Adam H: BioTx; Gilam R: Power3; Bernard I: M.D. Anderson; Irina M: Tetra; Travis A: Sigma; Jenny S; M.D. Anderson; Charity V: M.D. Anderson

After graduation, students from the biotechnology program at LSC-Montgomery have found success in many areas. Some are employed by local companies while others have chosen to extend their education with advanced work.

Advanced educational degrees are an option for many of our graduates. Our program has an articulation agreement with University of Houston-Downtown so students  move seamlessly into junior level courses. Most UH-D courses are offered at the University Cetnter located adjacent to the LSC-Montgomery campus.

For students interested in furthering their research skills, The University of Texas MD Aderson Cancer Center offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Genetic Technology and in Cytogenetic Technology. Several of our students have graduated from the UT program and some of those have continued their education at other universities. Both UT programs are highly intensive and offer students opportunities to learn using the most sophisticated testing equipment and techniques that are available today. More information about these programs can be found on the web:



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