Workforce Council

Mission Statement
To impact the economic vitality and continued success of corporations and small businesses in the greater Houston area by developing a highly skilled talent pool for employers to foster responsiveness to a global workforce in the 21st century.



Workforce Council Members




Co-Chairs: Linda Head & Rebecca Riley (VPI)

Facilitator: Megan Costanza

WebEx Facilitator: Deborah Jurries

Note Taker: Sherry Young


 Curriculum & Instruction  Christina Todd
 Grants & Resource Development  TBD
 Marketing & Communication  Laura Morris/Kristen Steele
 Office of Research & Institutional Effectiveness (ORIE)  Kent McShan
 Student Services - College Readiness  Brian Dooley (& Ron Brown)
 Instruction - Credit
 CF, Dean, Manufacturing  Jo Fey
 CF, Dean, Health Care  Cindy Griffith
 K, Dean, Cosmetology (linked to credit)  Jim Stubbs
 K, Dean, Technology  TBD
 M, Dean, Health Care  TBD
 M, Dean, Emergency Services  Barbara Buchanan
 NH, Dean, Manufacturing, HVAC  Dave Mott
 NH, Dean, Business & CIT, Aviation, Hospitality  Melissa Gonzalez
 T, Dean, IT & Health Occupations  Cindy Casparis
 Instruction - Continuing Education
 CE, Dean  Robin Garrett (Roberto Rodriguez)
 LSC-CyFair Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  Ruben Howard
 Computer Technology  Heather Cannon
 Health Science Professions  Jane Hagele
 Service Professions  Mike Naglieri
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  Christopher Paulk
 LSC-Kingwood Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  Linda Holcomb
 Computer Technology  Lisa Hall
 Health Science Professions  Kenny McCowen
 Service Professions  Susan Ouren
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  None
 LSC-Montgomery Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  Marybeth Kardatzke
 Computer Technology  Rajiv Malkan
 Health Science Professions  Francis Ozor
 Service Professions  None
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  None
 LSC-North Harris Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  Rami Shafiee
 Computer Technology  Kendall Lawrence
 Health Science Professions  Patricia Crotwell
 Service Professions  Carol O'Connor
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  Dave Mott
 LSC-Tomball Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  John Burns
 Computer Technology  Lindell Chapman
 Health Science Professions  TBD
 Service Professions  None
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  Tony Bom
 LSC-University Park Faculty
 Business Management & Leadership  TBD
 Computer Technology  Philip Lee
 Health Science Professions  TBD
 Service Professions  TBD
 Manufacturing & Industrial Professions  TBD
 Continuing Education/Corporate College
 Business Management & Leadership  Michael Burns
 Computer Technology  Michael Burns

Workforce Development Research Resources

Links to job profiles, employment statistics, social and educational characteristics, and more!


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