LSC-Montgomery Testing Center

The LSC-Montgomery Testing Center provides a secure, proctored environment for:

  • Placement testing - All students, unless considered TSI Complete, must take a complete assessment (COMPASS, Accuplacer or THEA) prior to enrolling at LSCS. Enrollment in most college-level courses requires scores high enough to place into the college-level course or students will need to complete all appropriate developmental coursework with a C or better.

  • Test Preparation - Standardized tests can be intimidating and stressful, but they don't have to be. Students can better prepare themselves by taking Test Prep classes before they sit for their exams. Test Prep is for students who want help or to review before taking the ACT, SAT, THEA, or GED tests.
  • Learning Assessments
  • Distance learning testing

The following Testing Services are available in Building C, Room C-203:

Special Needs Testing
Services and procedures for students needing accommodations.

Correspondence Testing
Proctoring for correspondence testing is available for a fee of $25 per test.

Services and Procedures for Instructors
Procedures for setting up make-up exams, distance learning tests, etc. 

Make-up exams

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