International Travel


Guidelines for Employee International Travel: Faculty International Exploration (FIE), Study Abroad (SA), International Travel (IT)
Guidelines for Student International Travel Study Abroad (SA)


Travel Insurance:

The Lone Star College System (LSCS) provides limited accidental medical expense coverage, through ACE American Insurance Company, for all LSCS employees and students traveling outside of the United States for educational purposes.  To be insured under the LSCS ACE Foreign Travel & Medical Plan, the Trip Plan ORM-T-2013-02 and the Trip Roster ORM-T-2013-03 must be received by the Office of Risk Management at

ACE Foreign Travel Medical Plan General Information 2013-2014 
ACE Foreign Travel Medical Plan Brochure for LSCS 2013-2014
ACE Foreign Travel Medical Plan Claim Form for LSCS
ACE Travel Assistance Program
Foreign Liability Package Information for LSCS Employees 2013-2014 - Employees Only
LSCS Executive Assistance Services - Employees Only
LSCS Executive Assistance Services Passport Stickers - Employees Only

Travel Forms:

ORM-T-2013-01 (TR1) Approval of College Sponsored Student Travel
ORM-T-2013-02 (TR2) Trip Plan
ORM-T-2013-03 (TR3) Trip Roster
ORM-T-2013-05 (TR5) Authorization for Medical Treatment
ORM-T-2013-06 (TR6) Incident Report
ORM-T-2013-07 Proof of Vaccination
ORM-T-2013-08 Emergency Contact ID Card
ORM-T-2013-09 Request to Operate Motor Vehicle (doc)
OGC-S-2010-10 Time Away (Independent Travel)
OGC-S-2009-16 Study Abroad Participant Agreement Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability and
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