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Economic Impact

1/5 the Cost of UT Austin
  • State and local governments allocated approximately $76.8 million in support of Lone Star College in FY 200809 and for every $1 appropriated, taxpayers will see a cumulative return of $2.30 in the form of higher tax revenues and avoided social costs.
  • Higher earnings of Lone Star College students and associated increases in state income and business productivity expand the tax base in Texas by about $464.4 million each year.
  • Because an educated workforce produces an improved lifestyle behavior, along with fewer welfare and unemployment claims, the 2008 09 student population of Lone Star College will generate $14.2 million a year in social savings to the Texas public.

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Additional Reports

pdf Fall 2013 CR Registration Report
pdf Spring 2013 Enrollment Report
pdf Report Card to the Community
pdf Economic Contribution Report

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Budget 2013 2014


Funding Sources 2013 2014

Property Tax - $109,570,000
State Funds - $72,510,000
Other - $6,380,000
Auxiliary - $14,700,000
Tuition and Fees - $104,970,000

Property Tax Rates

Maintenance and Operations - $0.0825
Interest and Sinking - $0.0335
Tax Rate Total - $0.1160

Bond Rating

Standard & Poor's AAA

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