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IE Council

IE Council Members
 Chris Tkach, Ph.D.  Executive Director  832-813-6824
 Jinhao Wang  Director, Institutional Effectiveness  832-813-6255
 Priscilla Martin  Analyst, Compliance Assist Administrator  832-813-6749 
 Kent McShan  Director-Institutional Research  832-813-6760
 Cathy Hooper  Senior Analyst  832-813-6866
 Jason Kot  Senior Analyst  832-813-6596
 Deseree Probasco  Lead Senior Analyst  832-813-6641
 Felix Herrera  Analyst  832-813-6750
 Rob Ricks  Director, Student Information Systems  281-290-2730
 Melissa McLeod  System ORIE Analyst  281-290-3643
 Joanne Solis-Keus  System ORIE Analyst  281-290-3433
 Janet Flores  Project Manager  281-813-6210
 Anna Garland  Analyst, LSC-Kingwood  281-312-1777
 Trudi White  Analyst, LSC-Tomball  281-401-1832
 Jacqueline Goffney  Analyst, LSC-CyFair  281-290-3569
 Mei Wang  Analyst, CE/Workforce  832-813-6889
 Latrice Rideout  Analyst, LSC-University Park  281-290-2650
 Lan Pham  System ORIE Senior Analyst/Web Developer  281-290-2718















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