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Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate

The Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate (C1_GIT1) is offered at LSC-CyFair. For more information, please contact the Geography Department.

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Program Description

The geographic information systems (GIS) certificates and degree program prepare graduates for wide ranging career possibilities as entry-level technicians to data analysts and project managers in diverse fields of GIS application. From data collection and input, to management and analysis, to project completion and information delivery, individuals will develop the skills to work at many levels of business, industry, government agencies and research and development.

The GIS technician certificate is awarded for completion of 23 credit hours of course work focusing on proficiency in GIS software applications and data management. Graduates will have the essential skills to manage the initiation, development and completion of GIS projects requiring data collection, data management, analysis, map product development and final report writing for presentation.

Employment opportunities are far reaching at the present time. The increasing use of GIS in nearly every field of education, business and government is creating a strong need for skilled personnel.

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact counselors or GIS, geography or geology faculty for specific information or to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

Program Plan

First Year Credit

Course Number Title Credits
COSC 1401 Introduction to Computers OR 4
ITSC 1401 Introduction to Computers  
GISC 1411 Intro to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 4
MATH 1314 College Algebra 3
GISC1 1401 Cartography and Geography in GIS and GPS 4
GISC 1421 Intro to Raster-Based GIS 4
ITSW2 1407 Introduction to Databases 4

TOTAL Credits for
Geographic Information Systems Technician Certificate:


  1. Capstone course
  2. ITSE 1402 or ITSE 1432 may substitute for ITSW 1407
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