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When should I contact the Service Desk, and what information should I have ready?

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) Service Desk team is the first point of contact for all inquiries to the OTS department. Contact the Service Desk to request any OTS service or if you have an immediate problem. If the Service Desk team cannot answer your query, or provide you with the information that you require, they will refer the matter to another team member with the relevant expertise or responsibility.

When to call...  Before you call...  When you are ready to call...

To request any OTS service or for an immediate problem. 

 Please try the following:
  • Reboot the machine.
  • Check to ensure all cords are plugged into both the computer and the wall.
  • Write down any specific details you have concerning the question or problem and/or any error messages and when they occurred. This saves time and helps generate a more prompt solution.


 Please have the following:
  • Name (last, first)
  • Phone number or on-campus extension
  • Building
  • Room number
  • Nature of the problem (what is wrong?)
  • User type (student, staff, faculty, etc.)
  • Department (accounting, admissions, etc.)
  • Room where the problem is located
    (lab, classroom, office, etc.)
  • Request type (what you would like done)
  • Item affected (hardware, software, network, etc.)


I have a computer problem. How do I contact the Service Desk?

When technical support is needed, please contact the Service Desk directly. We can be reached at: 832.813.6600 (toll free 866.614.5014) for immediate assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you are in a classroom you can pick up the emergency phone and ask to be transferred to OTS support. You can also submit a ticket electronically through

When will my computer problem be fixed?

You can track work orders you send to the Service Desk. The online system, called Service-Now (or SNOW), is very easy to use and allows you to view, track and follow up on work orders sent to the Service Desk.

To access the web-based ticketing system, go to (consider bookmarking the site as a Favorite). Your “User Name” is your Lone Star network username and your password is your network login password.

When I need help, why should I contact the Service Desk first instead of a technician directly?

The Service Desk knows which technicians are in, and what the current work load of each technician looks like each day. If you call a technician directly, your problem may not be addressed promptly if that technician is out at that time. We have had cases of this happening and work orders needing immediate attention not getting resolved for a few days due to the direct call. Please use the Service Desk as your first point of contact.

What kinds of computers are assigned to LSCS employees?

Through continued dedication to LSCS faculty and staff, OTS offers employees several Windows-platform or Apple-OS computer options. Faculty members have the choice of either a Desktop or a Laptop. Additionally, if a faculty member instructs a course with higher graphics, memory, or audio needs (AutoCAD, Photography, Video Editing, Gaming or in a Macintosh Lab), they will have the option of having this type of computer in their office location, with their Dean’s approval.

Exempt employees have the choice of either a Desktop or Laptop. Additionally, they can choose a non-standard computer with higher-end graphics, memory, or audio, including a Macintosh, if approved by their supervisor to meet a specific business need. Non-exempt employees typically receive a desktop. However, they do have the option of selecting a Laptop, but only if approved by their supervisor and Human Resources first.

NOTE: Written business justification for a high-end computer must be approved and submitted by the Department Head or Dean to the OTS Campus Director before an order can be placed.

Check with your local OTS office to see exactly what models are currently being offered. OTS will assist with what equipment will work best for you. When your new computer arrives, a technician will contact you to make an appointment to move all your files, documents, email settings and applications to your new computer.

How do Adjuncts obtain a voicemail account?

Adjunct faculty must have an E-mail account set up before they can apply for voicemail, then the Adjunct Voicemail request form can be filled out and submitted. The voicemail account request form is located here. You may also view instructions in the Adjunct Voicemail instructions document.

How do I access my voicemail from home?

View instructions in the Voicemail Instructions document.

I am an employee and I need to check my LSCS e-mail from home. Is this possible?

Lone Star College System offers a Web version of Outlook that allows users to access their LSCS E-mail from any computer with an Internet connection. It is located at You must log in with your network user name and password to gain access to your E-mail. If you are using a public computer, it is very important that you log out of E-mail when you are done, or the next person who uses the computer may be able to access it.

I've heard that Lone Star College campuses and center have open wireless networks. Is this true?

Yes! Lone Star College campuses and centers have fully-functional wireless networks. You are welcome to bring your own laptop and receive a network connection through the wireless network, or check out a laptop from the Library (if one is located on your campus).

I need to get a door on campus opened. You have keys, right? Will you come open the door for me?

Sorry, but we are not able to unlock doors. If you need a room unlocked, please contact the Campus Police to open your door.

The printer is out of paper.

Please contact your division office. We do not keep supplies on-hand to restock printer paper.

I have a personal computer that I use for work-related or school-related reasons, but I'm having problems with it. If I bring it to you, will you fix it?

Unfortunately, we are not able to troubleshoot computers that are not issued or owned by the college.

How do I order AV equipment?

Visit the Service Now website and go to Service Catalog > Audio/Visual Services to complete a request form.

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