The LSC-North Harris Honors Program is an academic program designed for high-achieving students seeking to improve their college transcripts and transferability with challenging coursework provided across all disciplines. Students will be required to employ critical thinking skills to complete expanded research projects and participate in Honors-related activities and events aimed towards developing leadership. Honors students enjoy the freedom to work independently and collaboratively with faculty who encourage lively, engaging discourse and challenging activities inside and outside the classroom.

Honors credit is earned through various Honors sections. Honors credit is also earned through contracts in classes with a coordinator who is committed to an open-ended approach to learning. Students are encouraged to contribute extensively and creatively through small group interaction, seminars, laboratories, oral reports, special research projects, informal discussion, and both individual and group projects.

Honors Mission:

The mission of the LSC-North Harris Honors Program is to enhance existing programs and to reaffirm the College's commitment to excellence by identifying, recruiting, and challenging motivated students, providing enrichment and flexibility to develop full student potential, and to offer faculty the opportunity for renewal and innovation.

Opportunities for All Honors Students

  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Special designation on transcripts
  • Pursuit of published research
  • Outstanding faculty mentors
  • Participation at local and regional conferences
  • Exclusive field trips, events and guest speakers
  • Travel opportunities

What's in it for me?

  • Honors Program Graduate
    • If students successfully complete 15 hours of Honors contract credit with a GPA of 3.5 or better, they earn the designation "Honors Program Graduate" on their diploma and transcript. Honors Program graduates receive special recognition at graduation and a medallion commemorating the event. In addition, the Honors Council works with senior institutions so that Honors Program Graduates may matriculate directly into the senior institution's Honors program which may offer students such benefits such as early registration, special housing, and scholarships.
  • For the Business/Technology Student
    • Being an Honors Program student also benefits the technical student. Prospective employers look more carefully at and give extra consideration and time to job applicants with Honors designations on their transcript. This indicates to them a student who is willing to accept a challenge, set goals and follow through on projects.
  • Activities
    • You are invited to take a look at our Calendar of Events and our newsletter The Honors Scholar to find out what is going on with the program and with the Honors Student Organization. All the activities sponsored by any of these will be promptly posted here.
  • Student Evaluations
    • Students are asked to give feedback on the Honors program each semester. At the end of the semester students are asked to evaluate both the Honors mentor and the Honors Program in writing. These evaluations are the source of student feedback that helps shape the future of the Honors Program.

Need More Information?

If you need more information or if you have any comments or suggestions about the program or any particular Honors contract, contact Professor Brian Kyser at 281.618.1149 or by email You may also contactany member of the Honors Faculty, the Honors Council or the Honors Student Organization.

Honors Orientations - Fall 2014

  • September 2nd, 12:00p.m., ACAD 126
  • September 9th, 12:00p.m., ACAD 126
  • September 10th, 12:00p.m., ACAD 126

Apply for Fall 2014

Fall 2014 Honors Sections*(subject to change, please call the office to confirm the availability of the course your are interested in taking)

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