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Advanced Technical Credit (ATC)

Local Articulation


Articulation agreements developed through Advanced Technical Credit program for common secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses.

Articulation agreements developed through Lone Star College System to expand credit opportunities beyond Advance Technical Credit program.


§  CTE Instructors complete application and training with the Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) program

§  Instructors must meet Southern Association of College And Schools (SACS) credentials 

§  CTE directors request local articulation agreements for the district

§  LSCS faculty within the content area review high school course TEKS to the comparable college course learning outcomes for alignment

§  Instructors must meet Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS) credentials


§  Online training options available Summer 2013

§  LSCS faculty communicate directly with CTE instructors

§  Delivery Method Varies (Face-To-Face, Teleconference, WebEx, Etc.)


§  Renew Every 3 Years

§  Curriculum Changes

§  Instructor Changes


Texas 2-year colleges that participate in the Advanced Technical Credit program

Credit only available at Lone Star College System 

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