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Gulf Coast Regional Science Olympiad

Gulf Coast Regional Science Olympiad

Hosted by LSC-CyFair
9191 Barker Cypress Rd
Cypress, TX 77433

Lone Star College-CyFair will host the Regional Science Olympiad on Saturday, March 29th, 2014 at its campus.

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Science Olympiad is an international non-profit organization working to improve the quality of science education, increase student interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and provide recognition of outstanding achievement for students and teachers.

Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous academic competitions balanced between the various science and engineering disciplines of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics, computers and technology. There is also a balance between events requiring knowledge of facts, concepts, processes, skills and science applications. But beyond the technical knowledge needed to participate in Science Olympiad, participants works on teams and must learn important life skills such as team work, cooperation and creative problem solving.

Texas Science Olympiad

Please check this website for registration and other rules:

For state competition check the above mentioned website.

Regional Science Olympiad Guidelines

Regional Tournaments in Texas, including the Regional Science Olympiad at Cy-Fair, are qualifying tournaments for teams to advance to State competition. Guidelines for the regional competitions are as follows (from the Texas Science Olympiad)

  • Each regional will host both a B and C division competition.

  • These will be ‘open boundary’ regional’s, so a team may select any of the regional’s that are offered.

  • Each team must attend one regional to be considered for advancement to the State competition – they may only attend one regional.

  • Practice tournaments (Invitationals) will be encouraged at high school and middle school sites. Invitationals can be at any time, but some Fall competitions will be encouraged. Each team MUST be a paid member of the Texas Science Olympiad to compete at a practice/invitational tournament.

  • Registration fee is $220 PER TEAM. This pays the State and National affiliation fees and provides each team with the coach’s manual and entry of one 15 member team into one regional competition. Qualifying teams advance to State, with the State winners advancing to Nationals.

  • Multiple teams from a school are encouraged to compete at regional competitions. The registration fee for EACH TEAM is $220.

  • All teams from the same school must compete at the same regional. All teams from the same school will also compete at the same time period for each event (all have odd or all have even team numbers if teams assigned to odd/even time periods).

  • 30 schools per division will advance from regionals to State competition. Two (2) international slots will also be available on a non-competitive basis.

  • The top 2 schools at each regional will automatically advance to state level competition.

  • Remaining slots for state will be filled on a basis of percentage of teams registered (say, 1/5 of teams from each regional will advance to state, with a minimum of the top 2 advancing).

  • No more than 1 team from the same school may advance to State competition.

Ethics Statement

Student participants are expected to compete in tournament events with an honest effort to follow the rules and the spirit of that competition. The goal of competition is to give one’s best effort while displaying honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. Students, coaches, parents and guests are expected to display courtesy and respect toward Olympiad officials, other teams, and guests of the Olympiad. Failure to show honesty and/or courtesy by a participant, coach, parent, or guest of the team may result in the disqualification of the team from that event, the entire tournament or future tournaments.

Judging Support

Educational Outreach and Women’s Programs realizes that in any competition, differences of opinion about the judges interpretations may occur. It is the policy of the Outreach Programs to support the interpretations and final decisions of the judges’ panel.

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