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What is Student Government Association?

Student Government Association is your key to improving our campus.

How can I get involved?

Our office is in Building 13 - Suite 254

SGA holds a General Assembly the first Friday of every month in The Den at Noon



                     April 14 -17, 2014

We will be accepting applications for new officers.

Positions Available are:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Student Activities Liasion

  • Secretary

Results will be announced April 21, 2014!

For more informatino, visit us in B13.254, across from the Den.

Links(Calendar, Minutes, Constitution)


SGA_constitution 1.1.13.pdf 


Anime, Movies, and GamesInternational

Gay-Straight Alliance

League of Legends


Teachers 2B

Theater Society

Executive Members

President Ė Ayse Balta

Vice President of Internal Affairs Ė Wahhaj Khan

Vice President of External Communications Ė Ian Bryan Ė Sterba

Student Activities Liaison Ė Matthew Oseni

Treasurer Ė Jonathan Baguley

Secretary Ė Laleen  Bajwa


Ayse Balta:

Hello My Dear Friends,                                              

I am Ayse Balta. I have been with Lone Star College 2 years. I have had an amazing experience throughout my education here with the help and support of my outstanding instructors, advisors, and friends.

My goals are to get involved with students and ensure their voice heard. I would like to make the student government better known and assist as much as we possibly can. As an officer of Student Government Association I would gain new ideas from the student body and staff, then work with current administration on how to develop and implement those ideas while I carry on pursuing the excellent ideas of the previous administration. I would like to show people that a diversity of students brought into government can make a huge difference.

Over the past semester, I have had a chance to be the leader of International Student Club and the Systemís Leadership College. I have been learning a great deal of skills with other wonderful students of Lone Star College from 6 different campuses. I would like to say that I am good at communicating with different groups of people. I am always willing to learn from others, I enjoy planning and organizing, and I have a single-minded determination to achieve all the goals I set for Student Government and myself. I seek out pleasant social relationships, and I am sensitive to others' needs, show concern for their well being.

There might be some challenges and obstacles that a student must deal with to be successful. My enthusiasm and motivation to work with other students and support them to reach their full potential will give me the courage in creating an environment that will nurture their growth. All the power and potential we need to make a difference is already inside of us, so let us work together to make Lone Star College-University Park a great place for us to learn and grow as a community. Thank you.

Ian Bryan-Sterba

What do you call a depressed cyclops? a Sighhhhhhhhclops!

I joined SGA to bring students together and unite UP campus into a tightly knit student body. I enjoy the cultural aspects of life and want to live as much as possible, for one day I shall die. I would love to study abroad and love socializing, yet Iím not always very comfortable talking with others.  

The song that will be played at my funeral is Jaco Pastoriusí ďPortrait of TracyĒ. I enjoy listening to all music, especially Rush, The Dead Revolt, The Doors, The Clash, Frank Zappa, Eric Johnson, Jaco Pastorius, Animals as Leaders, and my new favorite Hiatus Kaiyote.

I play in a local band called Zzyzx, AKA Black Jesus, and Futile Martyrs. Iíve also made guest appearances in bands such as Reverse Oreo. My college plans are to attend UT Austin and get a major in computer Engineering, and a minor in jazz theory.

Iím also an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Iím an Android user, and from what many people tell me, I have a big phone. I donít watch TV but I enjoy audio books and occasionally netflix. I'm a fan of Stephen King, and the Enders series. My favorite Breaking Bad character is Saul Goodman, and I love to eat mangoes.

Matthew Oseni:

What I like to do: I enjoy meeting new people, listening to live music and enjoying good food.

Fun/Interesting/weird Fact: Iím learning to play the acoustic guitar. People say I have an accent.  House was the best TV show ever. I donít drink coffee although I probably should.

Who I am: A laid back, approachable person who is genuinely concerned with what you have to say. I believe strongly in my faith, and place a high value on integrity.

Strengths- Leader by example, Commitment to appointed projects/tasks, Social, Driven.

Weaknesses- not quick to harshly reprimand/dismiss others.

Jonathan Baguley:

Iím Jonathan Baguley. I was born in Houston Texas, but I lived overseas until I graduated high school. I like all types of food, but I especially like food from Asia (as long as itís not spicy) and home cooked meals. My hobbies are my saltwater aquarium, autonomous robot and playing x-box.

I wanted to be a part of SGA because I enjoy helping people and hearing great ideas. I do tend to get over excited when I hear a great idea, but at least this ensures you will be heard. I like to be listened to when I speak, so I make sure I give the same respect to others. Come talk to me and you will see.

Laleen Bajwa:

Hello! My name is Laleen Bajwa. I am Secretary for the Student Government Association. I'm 19 and currently in my second year, first semester of college. I am a full time student and a part time employee. I personally enjoy planning things and keeping records of everything. As secretary, I will promise to make all records easily accessible, detailed, and available in a timely manner.  

I already have a prior knowledge on what events students are used and have plenty of ideas on improving them. As a student who works, I  understand some of the struggle and the needs of the student population. I have ways to address those concerns and make this campus a fun and helpful environment. I want to make the year that I am secretary an unforgettable, fantastic, and enjoyable year. I love meeting people, so please stop by and say hi to me anytime. GO LIONS!


Building 13 - Suite 254

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