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Student Success Initiative

The Educational and Career Positioning System (ECPS), is a student success initiative that is the first comprehensive education and career navigation system designed for students and parents. The ECPS helps students and their parents make intelligent, well thought-out decisions about their education and career paths by creating individual learning profiles.

“Many of today’s students change colleges at least once,” according to Michael Mathews, chief strategist for innovation and entrepreneurship at Lone Star College-University Park. After students move on, they can’t access records outside of their transcript and diploma, he added. However, if students and parents owned their information, they could access more information through the ECPS anywhere at any time.

Besides unrestricted access, another benefit of using such a system includes career planning and development. The ECPS can assist students in determining the courses they need for a particular field. Thus, students stay on-track, graduate faster and find a job in their specific field.

Fore more information about ECPS or to sign up for the application, visit EPS4.ME or call 281-290-2780


The Educational and Career Positioning System (ECPS) is a suite of leading web and mobile aplications that allow individuals to own, design, and create their education-to-career choices and pathways. This is achieved by accessing, combining and aggregating lifelong personal information, educational records, career knowledge and labor statistics.

Simulated and Navigate allows to find careers and majors by doing a self-assessment test based on values, interests, personality types as well as skills or by exploring all the occupations.

As a student of LSC-University Park you can sign up for the application at

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