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LSCS Organizational Process

Image representing the Organizational Process  Workflow


  • Leadership Team
    • Identifies a problem and sends to the Steering Committee/Research Team
  • Steering Committee/Research Team
    • Conducts Research and sends that information to the LSCS Implementation Teams
  • LSCS Implementation Teams
    • Generate possible solutions  and sends to the Campus Core Teams for implementation
  • The Campus Core Teams
    • Working with AtD Leads at each campus to communicate with the AVC, Student Services; AVC, ORIE; Director, AtD and Director, ORIE to implement the correct solution
  • Research Team
    • Evaluates the solution implemented by the Campus Core Teams
    • Sends Recommendations through the SSC, CASA and VPI’s who sends to the Core Team for Feedback
  • Core Team
    • Provides feedback and recommendations to the Leadership Team to make modifications.


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