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Grant Writing

RDA is available to assist faculty and staff in the Grants Development Process from conceptualization to final proposal submission. The level of assistance varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal, the experience of the proposer(s) and the need for a team approach to develop the grant proposal. The process is outlined in the Grants Development Process Chart

The role of the Grant Writer is to be the "process expert." Grant Writers are able to assist in:

·         Analyzing and breaking down the Request for Proposal (RFP);

·         Developing grant writing timelines;

·         Developing the grant writing team;

·         Facilitating meetings with the grant writing team and senior level executives;

·         Interviewing subject matter experts;

·         Researching and gathering information to develop proposal sections; and,

·         Coordinating the final draft of the proposal through Lone Star College Systemís legal review process.

Internal Review Process

The development of a grant proposal must first be approved by the President, an Associate Vice Chancellor, Dean or Director, and the Project Director. A Notice of Interest (NOI) form must be used to obtain formal approvals.  The NOI form gives the Grant Writer assigned to your project permission to begin working with your team.  The second stage of the internal approval process involves the development of the timeline.

The Grant Writer assigned to your project will develop a detailed timeline based on Request for Proposal (RFP) requirements, internal deadlines, and the legal review process.  The timeline will clarify team member roles as well as serve as a guide throughout the grant development process.  The timeline will be instrumental developing and reviewing the final proposal. 

Once final copies of your grant documents have been prepared, the grant writing team, as well as initial signers of the NOI form, will have the opportunity to review and edit the proposal.  This process is crucial, and enables each member of the team to ensure that project deliverables are attainable.   A Submission and Approval (SAF) form must be signed and submitted to the assigned Grant Writer at least two weeks prior to submission of all grant applications.  These two weeks will enable RDA, the Lone Star College Systemís Legal team as well as the Chancellor the time needed to review and sign additional internal forms.

Grant Writing Contacts

Contact a member of our team for more information!

Cyndi Drummond
Grant Writer, LSC - System Office

Renae Johnson
Grant Writer, LSC - System Office


Susan Weeks
Lead Grant Writer, LSC - System Office


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