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Top 3 Reasons to Finish

FINISH to keep your job. You are less likely to be unemployed if you have a degree.

FINISH for your children. The likelihood that children go to college increases if at least one parent has gone to college.

FINISH to make more money. You will make about 84% more over your lifetime with a bachelor's degree than with only a high school degree.

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It's Never too Late

Let us help you finish!

Maybe it has been a few years since you attended College. Give us a little information through our online form and we can help to get you what you need to FINISH your degree or certificate.

College Graduation

The Center for Houston's Future believes in your potential, and is leading the My Degree Counts initiative to increase the region's college graduation rate 1% by the year 2013.

Why Completion Matters

We will help you finish
At Lone Star College, our number one goal is student success and credential completion.

Financial Aid & Tuition
Lone Star College is a very affordable option and financial aid is available to most students.

Student Services
Lone Star College offers many services that can help you overcome challenges you may be facing when trying to complete your degree or certificate.

Academic Advising
Our Academic Advisors are committed to helping you choose the right path and stay on course.

Counseling Services
Change and personal growth are all elements of the college experience. We are dedicated to helping you succeed through a variety of counseling services.

Tutoring Services
All students enrolled in courses with LSCS, including online courses, can use the tutoring center that works best for them, regardless of location. Tutoring is covered for all students through the enrollment fee so no payment is required to use these services.

Get Started Today!

1. Apply for Admission and Financial Aid and send your transcript from any prior institutions of higher education attended.

2. Get Registered

3. Pay for Classes

4. Purchase your Textbooks

5. Get your Student ID (Visit your campus for more information)

6. Go to Class!

Lots of Career Options

Programs & Classes
Explore a wide variety of options Lone Star College offers to get you on the path to success.

Career & Technical Education
If you want to start a new career, change careers, or update your current skills, these programs will help you learn the skills and get the credentials you need to quickly get into the workforce.


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