Developmental Studies

To encourage the development of college-level reading, writing, and math skills, LSCS has adopted the following policies: Students who are not college ready in reading, writing, and math are required to enroll in developmental education immediately upon enrolling at LSCS if the students seek enrollment in college credit courses that lead to an associates or baccalaureate degree.

Students enrolling in workforce programs leading to a level 1 certificate or marketable skills award are not required to enroll in developmental education during the time they are taking certificate courses. Students enrolling in certificate programs will follow program requirements for college skills development.

LSCS students are required to enroll in developmental education in any area they are not college ready until college readiness is demonstrated.

All students must take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment prior to enrolling in classes – unless they are considered TSI exempt.
If the student is TSI exempt or the student’s testing score is high enough, the student is considered college ready and can enroll in college-level courses.
Students scoring below the placement test standards are required to enroll in developmental courses.
For more information about the TSI assessment, TSI minimum scores and exemptions as well as other Placement Testing options, please go to the Placement Testing website.

Developmental courses appear on transcripts from LSCS, but do not transfer to four-year colleges or apply to LSCS degrees or certificates.

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