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Student organizations provide a framework for you to develop your own special talents and interests. Information about current organizations and guidelines for starting a new organization may be obtained from the Office of Student Life.

Tracie L. Ring, MS

Program Manager, Office of Student Life
Phone: 281.312.1794
Office: SCC 243

Back to topAfrican American Student Association

The AASA supports the mission of cultural enhancement, learning resources, diversity, and leadership. The club seeks to promote a culture of student success which in turn increases the student's connection to the college. Although comprised mainly of African American students, membership is open to all students and activities are directed to the entire campus population. For more information contact Club Advisor Kristen Wilkes.

Kristen Wilkes 281.312.1791

Back to topAlpha Delta Nu - Nursing Honor Society

The Alpha Zeta Chapter of Alpha Delta Nu aims to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society encourages the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. For more information, contact Club Advisor Peggy Aalund at or 281.312.1647.

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Back to topAmerican Dental Hygienists' Association

Students who are enrolled in the dental hygiene program at Lone Star College-Kingwood are invited to join. The club regularly meets for discussion, to hear speakers on relevant topics, and for social interaction. For more information, contact Club Advisor Amy Murphy at or 281.312.1724.

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Back to topAmerican Sign Language

The ASL opens the doors for the deaf and the hearing-impaired to interact with one another and learn about community service, discuss relevant topics, and to have social fellowship opportunities. For more information, contact Club Co-advisor Miriam Thiessen at or text 713-550-6711 and Co-advisor Debbie Moore at or 281.312.1548.

Back to topBe A Teacher Club

Be A Teacher Club is a chapter of TSTA (Texas State Teachers Association) which is affiliated with NEA (National Education Association). For more information, contact Club Advisor Calandra Pervis at

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Back to topBeaders Club

The Beaders Club is a creative club for jewelry design and crafting. Membership is free and all LSC-Kingwood students are welcome to join! For more information, contact Club Advisors Vicki Almstedt at or 281.318.4365 or Jean Whileyman at

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Back to topCamerata Music Club

The Camerata Music Club offers an outlet to students who find joy in music in its entirety. The club organizes trips and offers a variety of social interaction through speaking engagements, concerts and competitions. For more information, contact Club Advisor Jay Whatley at or Co-Advisor Todd Miller at or 281.312.1485.

Back to topChess Club

The Chess Club offers regular opportunities for competition. Every level of player is invited to participate. Many members bring their own chess boards and are encouraged to meet other chess aficionados! For more information, contact Club Advisor Nora Diaz at or 281.312.1627.

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Back to topClay Club

The Clay Club is dedicated to promoting ceramics on the LSC-Kingwood campus and the surrounding community; As well as, supporting the ceramics program offered at LSC-Kingwood. For more information, contact Club Advisor Cory Cryer at

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Back to topCollege Conservatives

Any student interested in politics in general or the Republican Party specifically is welcome to participate in the meetings of the college conservatives. Stimulating conversation allows for greater understanding of our democratic society and its inner-workings. For more information, contact Club Advisor Roland Desoignie at

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Back to topCulture & Arts Club

The Culture & Arts Club promotes visual arts by creating public works on campus. For more information, contact Club Co-advisors Mari Omori at or 281.312.1583 or Kelley Revuelto at or 281.312.1734.

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Back to topDance Ensemble

A student organization whose mission includes supporting dance students in their creation and development of original choreography, as well as participating in community outreach projects involving dance. For more information, contact Club Advisor Amy Llanes at

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Back to topDemocratic Club

The Lone Star College - Kingwood Democratic Club is a political organization that seeks to enhance the learning environment through open discussions and the exchanging of ideas, participation in the political process, and education of students about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. For more information, contact Club Advisors Stephanie Kelly at or Marty Willits at

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Back to topElocution Society (aka Ramblerz)

The Elocution Society (also know as "The Ramblerz") is a club within the Speech Department. It is geared toward students interested in developing skills/knowledge relative to speech communication topics such as public speaking, debate, interpersonal skills, organizational communication skills and rhetoric. The Elocution Society is also for students who want to develop their leadership and professionalism while in school. The membership fee is $10.00 per semester, and the minimum GPA required is a 2.0. For more information, contact Club Advisor Michael Moode at or 281.312.1590 or Abby Heller at or 281.312.1585.

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Back to topEnactus (Formerly SIFE)

This club is geared toward business students. Our club focuses n building the skills that are required in tomorrow's leaders. Activities include attendance at national conventions, competitive events, resume workshops and mock interviews, and networking with fellow business students and with community business leaders. For more information, contact Club Advisor Mike Griffith at Please visit the Enactus Website.

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Back to topEnvironmentally Conscious Organization Club (ECO)

ECO Club members share a desire to reduce waste, reuse resources, and recycle. They join together to encourage recycling in the campus and community in addition to volunteering in The Learning Garden on campus. Other activities include raising awareness of environmental effects of waste, volunteering in the community for conservation initiatives, and modeling an earth-friendly attitude. For more information, contact Club Advisor David Burre at

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Back to topGAME Club

GAME Club (formerly known as FAAE) is a place for animators, designers, and game enthusiasts to network and help spread their artistic influence. All LSC - Kingwood students are welcome to join. For more information, contact Club Advisors Dan Ko at 281.312.1522 and Eddie Brega at or 281.312.1544.

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Back to topGay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance of Lone Star College-Kingwood exists to promote tolerance and understanding, create a safe environment for discussion, and build bridges among gay, straight, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgender people. We meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month from 1:30 to 1:20 in PAC 106. Meetings are informal - regreshments provided - with discussion among group members about current topics. For more information, contact Club Advisors Eric Skiles at or 281.312.1672 and Kalliope Vlahos at

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Back to topGeology Rocks

Geology Rocks exists to further our understanding of geology and to enrich our fellow students in the field of geology. Meetings are held on the first and third Thursday of every month in HSB 218 at 12:30pm. Field trips are organized to various places in order to have hands-on experiences. For more information, contact Dr. Cherith Letargo at

Back to topHonor Student Organization

The Honors Program at LSC-Kingwood is designed to enrich the academic experience for academically talented and highly motivated students. The program is open to any LSC-K student who meets Honors admissions requirements. Courses are designed to engage and challenge students inside the classroom through small settings and close, personal contact with the faculty. Opportunities to enrich the total college experience outside the classroom include travel, off-campus cultural events, and special seminars. For more information, contact Club Advisor David Putz at or 281.312.1710.

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Back to topHumanitarian Club

The Humanitarian Club assists people who are in need. For more information, contact Club Advisor Daniel Hatfield at or 281.312.1409.

Back to topIntercultural Student Organization (ISO)

The Intercultural Student Organization (ISO) promotes diversity and multicultural understanding at Lone Star College-Kingwood and the community. ISO members are interested in sharing their cultural traditions with others and in learning about other cultures. Membership in this organization is open to all Lone Star College-Kingwood students regardless of their ethnicity. For more information about the ISO, contact Club Advisors Angela Reyna at or 281.312.1792 or Dr. Masoud Shafiei at or 281.312.1578.

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Back to topInterior Design Student Chapter

The IDSC is dedicated to promoting design excellence, serving its members and the public, and demonstrating the value of the profession; it provides opportunities for students to network with members of the industry. Lone StarCollege-Kingwood is one of the only two colleges endorsed nationally by NKBA as providing the highest standards in kitchen and bath design. For more information, contact Club Advisor Marilyn Magnant at or 281.312.1739.

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Back to topJapanese Culture Club

The Japanese Culture Club is a club designed around talking and learning about the culture of Japan and Anime. For more information, contact Club Advisor Lyle O'Neal at

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Back to topLiving Stone Ministry

The Living Stone Ministry (LSM) is a student organization where students of all denominations can come together and have fellowship with one another. Our ministry is about helping students know Christ. We strive to provide opportunities of growth, fellowship, service and leadership for students in your walk with Christ--be it a new walk or a well-established one. Activities include discipleship, mission trips, service to the campus and community, and general times of fellowship and fun. For more information, Contact Advisors Carol McKenzie at or Ron Rolando at

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Back to topMusic Ensemble Recruitment & Retention Club

This club exists to recruit new musicians from local high schools. Through trips to the local high schools, the club aims to allow current students to bond and assist in retention success rates of music majors. For more information contact Club Advisor Todd Miller at or Co-Advisor Jay Whatley at

Back to topMuslim Student Association

The MSA stands for Islam as a complete way of life. By this, we will develop a dynamic, united and welcoming community on campus, raise awareness of Islam, and help people become better Muslims. The MSA is based on Islamic ideals of united effort and brother-sisterhood. The MSA is a proactive organization based on the Islamic concepts of excellence. This unity is based on common objectives and transcends petty differences in order to have a community that every Muslim could feel a part of. The MSA does not discriminate on the basis of religion, age, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation or marital status. For more information contact Club Advisor Daniel Coleman at

MSA Constitution

Back to topPhi Theta Kappa-Alpha Lambda Xi

Alpha Lambda Xi is the Lone Star College-Kingwood Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, the International Honor Society for Two Year Colleges. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 12:30pm in LIB 218. For more information, contact the Officers at or 281.312.1471 or Chapter Advisors Oscar Ramos at or 281.312.1482, or Cassandra Rincones at, or Thilo Schimmel at

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Back to topPoetry and Songwriting Club

The Poetry and Songwriting Club is a place for poets/songwriters to share emotions or ideas through literary work beyond themselves. The club shares original poems and songs at club meetings the first and third Thursday of each month at 12:30 in CLB 110. We will host an open mic for original poems and songs in the Fall and a talent show for original poems and songs in the Spring. For more information, contact Club Advisor Darlene Beaman at

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Back to topPsychology Club

The Psychology Club allows students who are interested in Psychology to learn more about career choices in the field of Psychology, degree programs at local schools, and graduate school options. This club is new and is looking to increase membership and for good student leaders to assist with event planning and club development. For more information, contact Club Advisor Stacy Walker at

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Back to topPublic Achievement

This club seeks to get students to think about their role as active citizens and creators of public spaces. Each year students will develop a project and create an action plan for implementing change in the area. For more information, contact Club Advisor Dr. John Theis at or 281.312.1741.

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Back to topRespiratory Care Club

Through the mission of the college and club, the Respiratory Care Club will provide information on cardiac and pulmonary disease to the public at large. We also provide smoking cessation assistance to the public and information regarding the impact of second-hand smoke to the community. For more information, contact Club Advisor Kenny McCowen at or 281.312.1608.

Back to topSecular Student Alliance

The Secular Student Alliance promotes free thinking, skepticism and open mindedness. The club also promotes a separation of church and state. For more information, contact Club Advisor John Barr at or 281.312.1744.

Back to topSin Fronteras

The organization seeks to foster active student engagement by reconnecting with latino culture and language history. Sin Fronteras also wishes to provide values that embrace all in a diverse worlds. It also seeks to mentor and empower students via education leading to self actualization. For more information, contact Club Advisor Cassandra Rincones at or 281.312.1677 or Raul Reyes at or 281-312-1594.

Back to topSociology Club

The Lone Star College-Kingwood Sociology Club is a student-run organization that looks for fun ways for students to enrich their college experiene through opportunities to participate in exciting activities on and off campus. For more information, contact Club Advisor John Njowo at or 832.313.4368.

Back to topSociety for Mathematics and Engineering

The SME provides opportunities for intellectual growth and networking outside the classroom setting. Many faculty and staff members speak to this group on a regular basis on topics of interest. Any student with interest in mathematics or engineering at any level is welcome to join. For more information, contact Club Advisor Miguel Caceres at or 281.312.1713 or Co-Advisor Loris Zucca at or 281.312.1619.

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Back to topStudent Ambassadors

The Student Ambassadors promote Lone Star College-Kingwood in the community as well as assisting prospective, incoming, and new students with their transition into the college. Their services include giving tours, answering questions about campus resources, and college policies and procedures. For more information contact Rick Walsh at or 281.312.1790.

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Back to topStudent Government Association

This group is designed to provide guidance and direction to the student body, develop student programs and activities, strengthen vital leadership skills such as planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and executing different programs and activities, and to promote student involvement at the college and in the community. All enrolled students are automatically members of the SGA and are extremely encouraged to become active at whatever level possible. The SGA Officers are available for private meetings and welcome everyone to General Assemblies on Fridays at 1:30. Please visit us and see what you can do for your college! For more information contact the SGA Office (SCC 236) at 281.312.1479 or Advisor John Turner at jturner@lonestar.eduor 281.312.1795.

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Back to topStudent Nurses Association

Any student participating in the either the LVN or the ADN nursing programs are eligible for membership. The group meets regularly for development and discussion on leadership, community service and speaking events. For more information, contact Club Advisor Doris Jackson at or 281.312.1684.

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Back to topStudent Occupational Therapy Association

The Student Occupational Therapy Association is comprised of all current students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. Our purpose is to educate the public and promote the art of occupational therapy. For more information, contact Club Advisor Linda Gallander at or 281.312.1525.

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Back to topStudents for Democratic Socialism

For more information, contact Club Advisor Steve Davis at or 281.312.1645

Back to topStudents for Sensible Drug Policy

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has but who also know that the war on drugs is failing. For more information about SSDP, contact Club Advisor Jared Miller at 281.312.1416 or .

Back to topTheikos Society

The purpose of Theikos is to form bonds of sisterhood, perform community service projects, develop leadership and interpersonal skills, and to encourage high scholastic achievement among its members. For more information, contact Club Advisor Abigail Heller at

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Back to topThe Pack

The Pack serves to promote and support the LSC-Kingwood campus' intermural sports teams through pep rallies with the LSC-Kingwood drill team and our new mascot, Cody! We will also be providing free food and snacks at many of the games. For more information, contact Club Advisor Melvin Marks at or 281.312.1657.

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Back to topTrading Card Club

The Trading Card Club (TCC) is a group of students with a passion for building friendships while playing card games and hosting tournaments. For more information about the Trading Card Club, contact Club Advisor Earnest Buck at

Back to topTruth Alliance

This club is designed to support and defend a Christian worldview, especially the historical, textual, and scientific accuracy of scripture all to the glory of Jesus Christ, our God and Savior. For more information, contact Club Advisor, Maggie Lavender at

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Back to topVeteran's Club

The Veteran's Club provides a social group to help Veterans adjust to and become successful in civilian and college life; promotes college spirit and establishes and maintains fellowship amongst Veterans and students on the LSC-K campus; assists with dissemination of information valuable to Veterans; integrates Veterans and students into social and campus activities; organizes worthwhile projects and events pertaining to Veterans and their needs and issues. For more information, contact Club Advisor Paul Blakelock at or 281.312.1591 or Kathy Adkins at

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Back to topVoces Latinos

Voces Latinos of Lone Star - College Kingwood is an organization dedicated to providing a foundation for familiarizing its members with the services of academic support, extended resources and professional networking. Our goal is to establish a sense of community among all students from all cultures and backgrounds and come together as ONE family. In addition, it exists to help facilitate student leadership development as well as professional career opportunities. For more information, contact Club Advisors, Carolina Redmond at or 281-312-1779 or Gabriela Mendez at or 281-312-1786.

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