Welcome! This is a tour ofThe Write Place at LSC-Montgomery in the General Academic Center, room G103.

Announcements Posted on the Whiteboard

Check the whiteboard for announcements and upcoming events.

You can also look here to see which writing consultants are currently on duty.

A Student Computer

If you'd like to use a computer, just find an open spot and have a seat. Just remember: These computers are for academic use only.

The Printer

The Write Place does not have a print card system like the Library,so we cannot allow students to print things like websites, research articles, and course information. However, if you'd like to print out a copy of your writing in order to work with a consultant, you can do so here for free.

Our Collection of Reference Materials

Feel free to look through our collection ofreference materials. The books and manualscannot leave the room, but you can take as many handouts as you would like.

We operate mainly by appointments. Walk-in visitors are welcome, but there may be a wait. When you arrive for your appointment,yourconsultant will be ready for you.

A Student Writing on a Consultation Form

When you arrive for a session,getstarted on your consultation form.Fill in the top lines as best you can, andlet us know your assignment and where you are at with itin section 1.

Martina Kusi-Mensah, the Writing Center Director, Working with a Student

When you work with a writing consultant, it's best to have a printed copy of your work handy so thatwe can both look through it. If you wouldlike to bring up your document on a computer, this is usually fine as well, especially if you are more concerned with formatting issues than the content of your paper.

Kim Stelter, a Writing Consultant, Working with a Student

In addition to answering whatever questions you have, we go through your paper together toidentify problem areas. Section 2 of the session form iswhere we notespecifics. You check boxes in Section 3 of the consultation form: "plans for revision or study." Section4has our overall recommendations. We scan this form and send a copy to your professor. If you would rather us keep the session private, check "do not report."

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