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The Write Place: Events

Writing Workshops and Success Seminars

This schedule is subject to change. Check back here for updates and additions. Seating is limited. Call 936-273-7055 or use the form below to reserve your free spot.

If you'd like to print this schedule or email it as an attachment, you can also download the PDF version here.

Select past workshop presentations can be accessed by clicking on a highlighted title.

The Conroe Center is also hosting workshops. Click here for their schedule.

Title Presenter(s) Date Time Location
Succeeding at Math    
Lesley Baker
Monday, Jan. 27
The Write Place: Who we are and How We Can Help You Succeed!
Lori Hughes
Tuesday, Jan. 28
Communicating Effectively with your Instructor    
Lana Myers and Lori Hughes
Thursday, Jan. 30
1-2 F114
Writing a Literary Analysis    
John Wood    
Tuesday, Feb. 4
1-2 F114
The Structure of an Essay
Nathan Zingleman Wednesday, Feb. 5 1-2 F114
Communicating Effectively with your Instructor     Lori Hughes Wednesday, Feb. 5  2-3 B211
The Art of Invention: Battling Writer's Block Lori Hughes
Thursday, Feb. 6 1-2 F114

HESI Preparation: Reading and Drawing Conclusions

Lana Myers and Euradell Davis Thursday, Feb. 6
2-3 F114
Note Taking Skills     John Wood Tuesday, Feb. 11 1-2 F114
HESI Preparation: Building Vocabulary and Context Clues
Lana Myers and Lori Hughes Tuesday, Feb. 11 1-2 B205
MLA Formatting Basics    
Nathan Zingleman Wednesday, Feb. 12 1-2 F114
Interpreting Instructor Feedback Lori Hughes Wednesday, Feb. 12 2-3 F114
Understanding your Audience     Lori Hughes
Thursday, Feb. 13
1-2 G114
Writing Introductions, Conclusions and Thesis Statements
Nathan Zingleman Tuesday, Feb. 18 1-2 F114
Writing a Critical Analysis Paper     Abigail Stewart Wednesday, Feb. 19 1-2 F114
College Boot Camp (Learning Styles, Study Skills) Kristi Gavranovic Wednesday, Feb. 19 2-3 F114
HESI Preparation: Main Idea and Supporting Details Elizabeth Pena and Euradell Davis Thursday, Feb. 20 2-3 F114
Putting it to the Fire:  The Importance of Critical Thinking John Wood Tuesday, Feb. 25
1-2 F114
APA Formatting Basics Nathan Zingleman Tuesday, Feb. 25 1-2 G124
Preparing for the Job Interview: Writing a Resume and Cover Letter Dominic Beggan Wednesday, Feb. 26 1-2 F114
Finding Resources for a Research Paper Sarah Palacios-Wilhelm
Tuesday, Mar. 4
1-2 F114
Writing a Scientific Research Paper Nat Brandes     Tuesday, Mar. 4 3-4 F114
Writing an Annotated Bibliography Nathan Zingleman Wednesday, Mar. 5 1-2
Interpreting Instructor Feedback Lana Myers and Lori Hughes Thursday, Mar. 6 1-2 F114
Writing a Review: Summarizing and Analyzing Nathan Zingleman
Tuesday, Mar. 18 1-2 F114
Writing a Scientific Research Paper Nat Brandes Tuesday, Mar. 25 1-2 F114
Succeeding at Math Lesley Baker Wednesday, Mar. 26 1-2 F114
Preparing for the Job Interview: What to Do Dominic Beggan Wednesday, Mar. 26 1-2 G124
MLA Formatting Basics
Nathan Zingleman Wednesday, Mar. 26
1-2 G125
Writing an in-class Essay Nathan Zingleman Wednesday, Apr. 2 1-2 F114
All About Blogging Abigail Stewart Wednesday, Apr. 9
1-2 F114
Revision Versus Editing Lori Hughes
Tuesday, Apr. 15
1-2 F114
Writing a General Research Paper Nathan Zingleman & Sarah Palacios- Wilhelm
Wednesday, Apr. 16
1-2 F114

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Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today! Please provide us with:
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  2. A phone number where we can reach you in case of a schedule change
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If you have an idea for a workshop that is not on our schedule, please send an email to Dr. Lori Hughes Write Place Director, a We'll try to offer it either this semester or next!

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