LSC-North Harris Tutoring


The mission of the LSC-North Harris Tutoring Program is to provide support for student learning and to significantly improve the academic and intellectual achievements of all students through the use of supplemental resources and individualized instruction.


  • Provide skilled certified tutors for one-on-one or group consultation
  • Assist instructors in facilitating student learning
  • Promote independence in learning
  • Provide students with written and verbal feedback
  • Refer students to a variety of support materials and resources
  • Build confidence and self-esteem and lower anxiety of students
  • Maintain an environment friendly to learners

Any NHC student and members of the community who wish to work on academic pursuits.  There is no charge for usage of any Learning Center service.

Tutor Coordinator: Tara Edwards | 281.618.5483

*Please see Tutoring Programs for specific tutoring schedules

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