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Steering Committee

Strategic Planning Steering Committee members and the areas of the college they represent. Please feel free to call upon them at anytime if you have any questions regarding the strategic planning process.
Strategic Planning Facilitation
Alice Quiroga Recorder
Administrative Representation
Dr. Steve Head  President
Dr. Gary Clark Vice President, Instruction
Dr. Bennie Lambert Vice President, Student Development
Johanna Boley Vice President, Administrative Services
Faculty Representation
Jeanette Carlisle Career Technology
Rami Shafiee Career Technology
Terry Bryant  Career Technology
Kiwana Francis Career Technology
Dr. Bill Drees  Health and Human Services
Kathleen Rosen Health and Human Services
Ursula Sohns  Languages and Communications
Jennifer Welsh  Languages and Communications
Kara Hagenbuch  Math, Engineering and Natural Sciences
Dr. Shae Adkins Visual, Applied and Performing Arts
Dr. Brack May Visual, Applied and Performing Arts
Student Representation
Cynthia Gonzalez  Student
Jessika Rodriguez  Student
Erick Romero  Student
Professional Staff Representation
Jeanne Dibble Admissions
Alfred Bacon College Connections
Support Staff Representation
Gina Espitia  Admissions
Maria Luna  Biology Department
Cathy Nistetter Student and Organizational Development
College-At-Large Representation
Martha Whitley  Achieving the Dream
Bobby Rivers  Buildings and Grounds
Dr. Vivian Lilly Centers
Dr. Vicki Stanfield College Connections/Adult Education
Christina Hinkson Corporate and Continuing Education
Melanie Dozier  Division Operations Managers
Marilyn Dement Enrollment Services
Dorothy Reade  Faculty Senate
Vickie Johnson Financial Aid
Ruth Hutyra Human Resources
Gary Clark Instructional Council
Virginia Rigby  Library
JoBeth Leeds PSSA
C.C. Sutphen Public Relations and Special Events
Leslie LaPres Recruitment and Retention
Lane Johnson Teaching and Learning Center
Butch Juelg  Technology Services
Dr. John DeLeon Workforce Development
Co-Goal Keepers
Goal 1: Leslie LaPres/Vicki Johnson
Goal 2: Ruth Hutyra/Vicki Stanfield
Goal 3: Cher Brock/Dorothy Reade
Goal 4: Lane Johnson/Martha Whitley
Goal 5:  C.C. Sutphen
Goal 6: Bennie Lambert/Marilyn Dement
Goal 7: Johanna Boley/Vivian Lilly
Goal 8: Gary Clark/Christina Hinkson
Goal 9: Butch Juelg/John DeLeon
Goal 10: Bobby Rivers/Linda Genco

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