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Reading and Writing Modules

Support materials for reading and writing modules are located in the Extended Learning Center, 2nd floor, L247, Lone Star College–Tomball Community Library. Support materials at Willow Chase are located in the Developmental Studies lab, room 116.

Reading 0304 (six modules)
Basic Skills
Comprehension Skills
Critical Reading Skills
Note Taking
Reading and Critical Thinking
Time Management
Basic Skills Reading Tutorial Lessons    
SkillsBank Reading Tutorial Lessons    

Writing Modules
Each module has guidelines, activities and a test. Take the practice test after reading the guidelines and completing the activities.  Remember to complete any corresponding worksheets for each module.

Unit I: Building Effective Sentences
Simple Sentences  
Compound Sentences  
Complex Sentences 
Compound/Complex Sentences : Worksheet B34

Unit II: Avoiding Major Sentence Errors
Run-on Sentences & Comma Splices  
Suboordination Errors

Unit III: Grammatical Consistency
Pronoun Reference : Worksheets C51, C53C56
Pronoun Agreement  
Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers : Worksheets D55, D56 
Subject/Verb Agreement  
Verb Shifts : Worksheets D47PS405D49
Parallelism : Worksheets D14, D10, D12

Unit IV: Understanding Punctuation & Mechanics
Comma Usage : Worksheets A3, B80, B90
Quotation Marks : Worksheets A65, A67, A68
Capitals  : Worksheets A50, A51
Spelling Trouble Words : Worksheets PS410, PS414, PS415
Other Punctuation : Worksheets A37, A5, A60
Pronoun Case : Worksheets PS314, PS316, PS322

Skills Analysis Sheet    
SkillsBank4 Writing Lessons    
Basic Skills Writing Lessons

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