The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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"The fathers have eaten sour grapes
And the children's teeth are set on edge"

                                                         Ezekiel 18:2

Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864) was born in Salem, Massachusetts, as Nathaniel Hathorne, grandson of John Hathorne, one of the judges in the Salem Witchcraft trials.  His father, a sea captain, died when Nathaniel was four. Raised by a doting all-female family, he loved to read and early on decided that he was not fit for a traditional career.  "I do not want to be a doctor and live by men's diseases, nor a minister to live by their sins, nor a lawyer to live by their quarrels. So I don't see that there is anything left for me but to be an author."  He was a compatriot of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry David Thoreau and Herman Melville.

In this Gothic novel of greed and retribution, a curse haunts the impressive House of the Seven Gables.  Colonel Pyncheon wrested the prime lot from Matthew Maule, a poor man unfairly hanged for wizardry. Maule swore that God would give the Pyncheons blood to drink.  Col. Pyncheon never lived in the house he had built there; he died on the night of the housewarming. The Pyncheons, a greedy, grasping family, were cursed with premature, bloody deaths.  At the time of our story, the two surviving Pyncheons are weak,  ineffectual and old.  A distant cousin, Phoebe Pyncheon, brings light and hope into the house, hope that the curse can be lifted.

Possible Themes:
Trans-generational retribution  |  Consequences of wrongdoing  | Social class | Appearance vs. reality  |  Greed  |  Guilt  |  Pride  |  Family  |  Romance  |  Illness 

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Reference Books:

REF PN3385 .N68, vol. 20  Novels for Students
Summary of the story, character analyses, and an overview of literary criticism.
Dictionary of Literary Biography
Biographical information about Hawthorne, including background on The House of the Seven Gables.  See vol. 223.
REF PS21 .M34 1991, vol. 3  Magill's Survey of American Literature
Discussion of the theme of The House of the Seven Gables.
REF PN761 .N5, vol. 39 and others  Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism
Literary criticism from many sources.  Check the index volume.  These articles may be excerpted, but the full citation is given to allow you to try to locate the original article.
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Literature Resource Center
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Academic Search Complete
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Project Muse
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Bloom's Literary Reference Online
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Films on Demand
Find short videos or clip from longer films on Hawthorne's life, career, and themes in this streaming video database.


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Hawthorne in Salem
Northshore Community College provides background and literary criticism.
House of the Seven Gables 
Full text online from The University of Virginia's e-Book Library.  An online book is great for searching for quotes and events that you remember but can not find. Or, download a digital version for your e-reader or in EPub and other digital formats from Project Gutenberg.
House of the Seven Gables
See the Salem house that may have inspired the story. 

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