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Learning Communities

Get Real: Real life. Real learning. Real experience.
  • What is a Learning Community?
    LSC-CyFair Learning Communities offer students an innovative and exciting way to learn through the integration of two courses from different disciplines which are taught separately, but focus on a common theme or question. This provides students with an interdisciplinary perspective and the ability to apply knowledge in new situations, while fostering intellectual interactions with other students and faculty throughout the process. Classes are offered at no extra cost.
  • So, will I have two instructors?
    Yes! Your Learning Communities class will be taught by professors from each discipline that create the LC.
  • How do I register for a Learning Community course?
    It’s easy! Just see your advisor or email to register!
  • How am I graded?
    Each LC has its own parameters, but most likely there will be ”community” projects that are graded by both instructors. Some LC courses may have individual assessments or projects that focus only on one or the other discipline. Students receive grades for both courses. Students receive academic credit for both courses and will transfer as courses taken in a traditional format.
  • What are the benefits of enrolling in a Learning Community?
    The student’s experience goes beyond what they would ordinarily encounter in the classes if taken separately. It would be a unique talking point on any resume or transcript. Increased understanding of the connections between disciplines. Greater course satisfaction and better college experience.

Spring 2014 Learning Communities

Spring 2014 Learning Communities are to be determined and will be posted in early November.


For general questions about learning communities, contact Stephanie Jones, Coordinator for Academic Affairs,

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