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Honors Sections Fall 2013

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BIOL 1407 Biology II

The curriculum and topics will be taught through the perspective of evolution and ecology. The lab component will include inquiry-based labs and field studies. Students will complete an independent research project or participate in a service learning project. A field trip to Galveston to study marine ecology is planned. Students will also organize Earth Day for the campus. Section 2003 TTh 9.30a-12.20p Betsy Morgan

BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology II

This course is a continuation of BIOL 2401 and is primarily designed for students seeking healthcare careers. The structure and function of the human body will be examined using a clinically oriented approach. Emphasis will be given to the study of the anatomical and physiological interrelationships of the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, and excretory systems. Extensive reading and classroom participation will be expected. Section 2003 MW 1.30p-4.20p Mike Clark

ENGL 1302 Composition and Rhetoric II

In respect to the number of essays assigned and the length of the research paper, this Honors section is identical to conventional English courses. The smaller class size will allow for more extensive, in-depth discussions of the literature, more thought-provoking essay topics, and reading assignments selected to spark the imagination as well as to demonstrate the usual elements of the literary genres. Section 2019 MW 1.30p-2.50p Joseph Minton

ENGL 2341 Literature of the Holocaust

Included among the topics in this course will be the social and economic background, early experiments with genocide, historical anti-Semitism, experiences of victims, and moral questions centering on the question of evil and collective responsibility, among others. Students will become familiar with the Holocaust through reading entries in the texts and supplements provided by the instructor, viewing numerous films on the Holocaust, and taking at tour of the Holocaust Museum. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the Holocaust by participating in discussions, keeping a weekly journal, writing a research paper, and giving an oral report based on their research. Section 2001 MW 12.30p-1.50p Joan Samuelson

GOVT 2305 Federal Government

This honors course is one of two state-required courses designed to give students a general view of the U. S. system of government at the national, state and local levels. However, the Honors component leads us to seek a deeper understanding of the material and a highly participative classroom environment; nearly half of our efforts will be spent reading and discussing original founding documents, important court cases and contemporary political problems or controversies. In short, we will study the institutional and legal framework supporting our current system and the mechanisms through which they have evolved over time. Section 2003 MWF 9.00a-9.50a Paul Blakelock

COSC 1401 Intro to Computers

Components integrated into this course include standard course content as well as collaborative work, the completion of a service learning component, discussion of cultural and societal issues in computing, and presentations by guest speakers on IT. One additional lab hour required. Section 2023 TTh 9.30a-11.50a Hilary Miller

PSYC 2314 Life Span Growth and Development

The honors section of Life Span Growth and Development will have the same requirements as the traditional course. However, we will focus on current issues in developmental psychology by studying films, reviewing research articles, conducting community interviews and participating in more in-depth discussions. The purpose of this course is to increase studentís awareness of the universal psychosocial development of the individual by identifying and evaluating current social, political, economic, and cultural forces. Section 2004 TTh 9.30a-10.50a Stacy Walker

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