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COMPASS & ESL offers placement testing in writing, reading, and math—and now includes placement testing for English as a Second Language (ESL) students. ESL offers placement testing in listening, writing, and reading. A writing sample will also be administered to ESL examinees.

COMPASS e-Write is a new direct writing assessment now used for COMPASS examinees only. It can evaluate a student’s writing sample using cutting-edge electronic scoring technology. e-Write is delivered via the Internet, and scores are returned immediately following submission.
Students should do the following prior to taking the COMPASS or ESL:
  • Submit an online admissions application, transcripts, etc. in the Admissions Office.
  • Visit with the Advising Office or the International Admissions Office to receive a referral card for the COMPASS or ESL test.
  • There is a $29 fee for the entire test or $10 per section. Fee payment must be made to the Business Office during business hours only.

COMPASS testing (Must allow 4 hours for testing) & ESL testing (Must allow 3 hours for testing)

Make certain to bring the Application for Assessment and Placement form and a valid photo I.D. NO CHILDREN will be allowed in the testing room, and children should not be left unattended on campus.

Score report will be provided to student upon completion. Please see an advisor for interpretation and placement.

Compas y ESL - Spanish Translation

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