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Computer Upgrades and Renewal

For computer equipment on the replacement plan OTS staff members will consult with users prior to ordering and installing new equipment to determine the current and anticipated equipment needs. Old computers are then returned to OTS for disposal or reassignment. OTS then reassigns the computers or sends them to auction.

Faculty and Staff hardware replacement

As we replace faculty/staff hardware OTS will use the following concerning the disposal of the previous hardware. 

1. We will attempt to move all work files and settings to the new machine using PC Transplant or like product.

  • OTS will install our base software applications and any additional software that was purchased by the department for this position.
  • OTS will not install shareware or freeware software on this machine.

2. We will keep the system for a minimum of 1 week before formatting the hardware. During this time the user should review all files to make sure all work product was moved to the new machine.

  • The name of the previous user and the date it as pulled out of service will be taped to the machine.
  • If possible we will hold onto the hardware for 3 weeks before sending it back to service.

3. After the 1 to 3 week period the following will be performed:

  • If the hardware is returning to service
    i. The hard drive will be formatted
    ii. The system will be imaged (new operating system and software loaded)
    iii. The system will be tested then distributed
  • If the hardware is being removed from service
    i. Kill disk will be performed on the system 3 times
    ii. The hardware will be moved to a location awaiting disposal
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