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Campus Solutions Bundle Schedule 2013/14
(dates are estimates)

PeopleSoft delivers application software packages called "bundles" four times per year (quarterly).  A bundle release contains four elements: 
1. New Software Features, 2. Capability Enhancements, 3. Fixes for Known Issues, and 4. Regulatory Compliance Items.

 Bundle Number

 Regulations Period

Release Date

 Estimated Go
Live Date

Go Live Date 

 Bundle 27/28

 Regs 1 & 2




 Bundle 29

 Regs 3




 Bundle 30

 Regs 4 (2012/13)




 Bundle 31

 Regs 1 (2014/15)




 Bundle 32

 Regs 2 (2014/15)




 Bundle 33

 Regs 3 (2014/15)




 Bundle 34

 Regs 4 (2014/15)




 Bundle 35

 Regs 1 (2015/16)




*Bundle 33 Pre-Release Notes

The planned features previewed in this document are:
  • Campus Solutions Self Service Mobile
  • Student Activity Guides (click the link to watch a HEUG presentation on this feature)
  • Rules Engine Updates
  • Evaluation Management System (EMS)
  • Prospect/Admissions Data Load
  • Program Enrollment Updates
  • Activity Management Updates
  • Research Tracking
  • Updates to Campus Solutions Core Components and Functionality
  • Targeted Regulatory Updates April 2014

Oracle's Announcement at Alliance 2014

This year Oracle made a major announcement at the Alliance Conference (see links below for more information). 
Oracle Investment in Higher Education-Executive Summary 2014 
Oracle Investment in Higher Education FAQ 2014

Oracle is making new, significant investments in Higher Ed solutions that will complement the ongoing investment in functionality to support global Higher Ed operating models in our industry-leading SIS, HCM and ERP applications.

Attendees of the Alliance 2014 Conference opening Session heard Oracle's major announcement by Mark Armstrong, Vice President Higher Education Development, and Steve Miranda, Executive Vice President Applications Development.  The announced investment includes a focus in three key areas:

  1. Student Cloud - the Cloud-based Student Information System, for customers who are transforming their business to incorporate Cloud/SaaS deployment.
  2. Campus Solutions 9.2 release, to bring customers a simpler, more productive user experience and more tailored, efficient application life-cycle management process.
  3. Higher Ed "ready" core ERP Cloud and HCM Cloud applications, with significant enhancements in both solutions. The new SIS, in conjunction with enhanced HCM and ERP functionality, provides customers with a comprehensive Cloud platform for Higher Ed.

This announcement will ultimately impact all Campus Solutions customers, so we encourage you to read the Oracle Executive Summary and FAQ document referenced above. 

Campus Solutions Ongoing Projects

Automation of Faculty Course Evaluations
To provide an automated faculty course evaluation.

Corporate College
To provide a superior and unique customer service experience for all Corporate College students when registering, enrolling, and paying for Corporate College courses.

Corporate College Enrollment Form Pilot (POC)
This project is to provide an improved customer experience and alternate to CORAL as a Pilot Corporate College (CC).  There will be a twice daily file(s) produced from Campus Solutions that contain course data for CC.  These files will be utilized by a static web-based enrollment request form.  The Enrollment Request Form will contain required Bio/Demo data, and course data that will be submitted, upon completion to the Corporate College for processing. 

Door Access/Badge System
To provide a single repository of information in order to generate student ID cards from a single-source system.

Graduation Application
To provide enhancements to current graduation application.

Milestones Cleanup and Enhancement
New development for Milestones and to add logic for Veteran's Waiver.

NSC Enhancements/Fixes
To provide NSC enhancements and fixes.

Colleague Sunset
To formally and officially retire all Colleague users from the prior ERP systems, Colleague, and NHCC (old NHMCCD system).

RSAN Emergency Management
To create student files for the RSAN emergency system.

SPEEDE Inbound
To provide SPEEDE Inbound enhancements.

T2 Integration
T2 Parking System integration with Campus Solutions to automatically add and remove service indicators on student accounts.

Texas State Reporting
To provide data for Texas State Reporting.

VA Benefit Certification
To roll out the delivered Campus Solutions VA Benefit functionality to support the VA certification business process.

Campus Solutions Projects Recently Completed

Bundle 30, 31, 32

Desire2Learn-Learning Management System

Touchnet Upgrade

Financial Aid Database (FADS) Update Fall 2013

Colleague Conversion

Graduation Works

Texas Common Application

Continuing Education Registration (CE)

Last Updated: April 2014 (Will be updated monthly)



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