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Student Opportunities

Professor Kari Breitigam's ArtBook Exhibit On Display Now

Students in art instructor Kari Breitigamís class at Lone Star College-University Park took recycling to a new level to create an amazing display of book art. The student artists recycled old books by transforming them into abstract pieces of art. This unique project not only gives books a new life, but benefits the environment as well.

Winners were Connor Peters, Blanca Gonzalez, Travis Cole and Alex Hart.† All of the entries will be on display in the Student Learning Center, Bldg. 12, Eighth Floor.†

Are you readyÖfor an emergency?

Has your cell phone number changed?† Do you know what to do in a campus emergency? Who do you call for help?

Sign up NOW at lscalert.lonestar.edu to receive your Lone Star Alert to receive alerts and emergency notifications on your mobile device.

Have a plan. Be informed. Be prepared.

Earn extra money for the summer!

Final exams are right around the corner! When youíre finished, donít forget to visit the campus bookstore for its book buy-back program. Earn money for those books that you no longer need. The bookstore will purchase your books, get them out of your backpack and give you cash for your summer vacation!

To resell a book, just bring the book to the bookstore to be scanned.† If the book can be resold, the bookstore pays 50% of the original price. †If a book is not needed for the store, there is sometimes a market value on the book, by which the bookstore pays up to 25%.†

For rental customers, the last day to turn your books in to avoid further fees is Monday, May 13.

For more information, call the bookstore at 281-401-5323.

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