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Polysomnographic Technologist Advanced Technology Certificate

The Polysomnographic Technologist Advanced Technology Certificate (C4_PLY4) will be offered at LSC-Kingwood (Starting Spring 2015) and has additional entrance requirements.


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Program Description

The Polysomnographic Technologist Advanced Technology Certificate is open to graduates and credentialed practitioners of a health career program of study with a desire to enter the field of Polysomnography . The course of study is 38 credit hours of specialization courses post Associates degree with didactic, laboratory and clinical rotations to meet the entry-level requirements of the Polysomnography field of study. Employment opportunities include public and private hospitals and polysomnography facilities.

A polysomnographic technologist (formerly called a polysomnographic technician) performs overnight polysomnograms on those with suspected sleep disorders.

The general education core will transfer to a variety of colleges and universities. Contact a counselor or faculty member at any of the colleges for specific information and to obtain the recommended sequencing of courses.

To meet graduation requirements for any of the certificate or degree programs in the polysomnography department, students must attain a grade of C or better in each major and general education course. Courses with grades less than a C must be repeated.

In addition, students must meet the Student Success Initiative requirements as established by Lone Star College System.

Program Plan


Student must have an associate of applied science degree or higher in a health occupations field. In addition, the student must have the appropriate, current credential for their occupation.

First Year Credit

Course Number Title Credits
PSGT 1115 Introduction to Polysomnography 1
PSGT 1305 Neurophysiology of Sleep 3
PSGT 1400 Polysomnography I 4
PSGT 1310 Neuroanatomy & Physiology 3
PSGT 1340 Sleep Disorders 3
PSGT 1160 Polysomnography Clinical I 1
PSGT 2205 Sleep Scoring & Staging 2
PSGT 2411 Polysomnography II 4
RSPT 1310 Respiratory Care Procedures I 3

TOTAL First Year Credits:


Second Year Credit

Course Number Title Credits
RSPT 2139 Advanced Cardiac Life Support 1
PSGT 1360 Polysomnography Clinical II 3
PSGT 2250 Infant Pediatric Polysomnography 2
PSGT1 2661 Polysomnography Clinical III 6
PSGT 1291 Special Topics 2

TOTALSecond Year Credits:


Total Credits

TOTAL Credits for Polysomnographic Technologist Certificate:


  1. Capstone Course

Note: Students must meet TSI requirements. See for details.

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