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Accelerated IT Program

Are you a self-motivated learner looking for college credit or certification, but want a more flexible approach to study? Accelerated IT Program at Lone Star College-University Park might be right for you.

Learning directed by you.

Accelerated IT Program is self-directed, fast-track and 100% online, options that help you take control of your educational goals.

Outcomes focused on you.


Learn concrete skills in programming, networking technology, computer hardware and software.

Move quickly through the material at your own pace and prove you've mastered the knowledge and skills by taking competency assessments.

Accelerated IT Program

COSC 1401: Introduction to Computers   4 credit hours

ITSC 1405: Introduction to PC Operating Systems   4 credit hours

ITNW 1425: Fundamentals of Networking Technologies   4 credit hours

POFT 1301: Business English   4 credit hours

ITSE 1402: Computer Programming   4 credit hours

ITSC 1425: Personal Computer Hardware   4 credit hours

ITSC 1315: Project Management Software   3 credit hours

*Once you complete the module, you can test for A+ Certification, Net+ Certification and MS Project Certification.

Enroll in Accelerated IT Program at LSC-University Park.

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