Featured Math Courses

The Math Department faculty has designed innovative, interactive, student-centered Math courses where students can use the latest technology and Math software to complete their assignments. Many of these featured courses also offer one-on-one, in-class assistance from instructors.

Flipped Classroom:  A combination of face to face and online coursework. Students watch recorded lectures at home. Lecture videos are easily accessible on your iPhone, Android phone, iPAD, etc. Homework, assignments, and labs are completed in class with the instructor who is available to give students individual help as needed. All tests are taken in class with the instructor. This class meets on all assigned days.

ALEKS: Students meet face to face with an instructor, but class work is completed using a computer program called ALEKS. ALEKS uses artificially intelligent adaptive questioning to find out exactly what the student knows, and designs an individualized learning plan specifically for each student. The instructor is available in the classroom to assist students one on one as needed. All tests (except the final exam) are taken on the computer using ALEKS.

Mathmatica Software: Class lessons are lecture based with in-class demonstrations using iPADs and Mathmatica applets. Mathmatica is a computational software used in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields. It allows students to manipulate and solve problems with computer code. Lectures are enhanced by lab and home assignments using the Mathematica computer software.

Maple Software/Flipped Classroom: A combination of face to face and online coursework. This software enables students to visualize mathematical concepts and to investigate and solve problems that would be difficult to solve by hand. Students watch videos with lectures and embedded with animation from Maple. Labs and homework are completed in class with computers and instructor guidance. This class meets on all assigned days.

Online Math Courses: The entire course is offered online. All exams are proctored and must be taken on campus.

Seventeen sections of Math 0310 (Intermediate Algebra), Math 1314 (College Algebra), Math 1316 (Trigonometry) and Math 2412 (Pre Calculus) will be piloted in the spring of 2014.

Spring 2014 Math Pilots

Semester Campus Math Course Section Number Type Instructor
Spring 2014 NH 0310 1103 ALEKS Braatz
Spring 2014 NH 0310 1201 ALEKS Nester
Spring 2014 NH 0310 1501 Online Lingberg
Spring 2014 VC 0310 V005 ALEKS Miller
Spring 2014 NH 1314 1001 Flipped Fisher
Spring 2014 NH 1314 1003 Flipped Fisher
Spring 2014 NH 1314 1101 ALEKS Safina
Spring 2014 NH 1314 1201 UH Model Le
Spring 2014 NH
1314 1202 Flipped Fisher
Spring 2014 NH 1314 1203 UH Model Le
Spring 2014 GP 1314 G005 ALEKS Gregersen
Spring 2014 VC 1314 V001 Project-Based Washington
Spring 2014 VC 1314 V003 ALEKS Miller
Spring 2014 NH 1316 1101 ALEKS Supplemental Le
Spring 2014 GP 1316 G001 Flipped Washington
Spring 2014 NH 2412 1101 Flipped Turnell
Spring 2014 NH 2412 1401 Mathematica P. Sallay

For more information about the HSI/STEM Grant Math Pilot classes, please contact Sylvia Martinez at Sylvia.M.Martinez@lonestar.edu or call 281-765-7806.

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