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Who can enroll in the program?

The Evening-Weekend Academy pilot program is only open to students earning the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees in the evening or on the weekend. Students taking classes in the day cannot be admitted into a program. The EWA student follows the same admission requirements as all programs on campus – new students must complete all New Student Orientation procedures and submit assessment scores or take an assessment test.

Can I still be in a program if I am taking developmental classes?

If a student is taking developmental classes and would like to be in a program, he or she will be placed in the pre-program group. In the pre-program group, students are able to meet with an Evening-Weekend Academy Advisor to help schedule classes. They will still be able to take classes in the evenings or on the weekend, but these classes are open to everyone. They are not part of the EWA cohorts. When a student is college ready, he/she can then select a desired program.

What if I already have some credits?

If students have already completed a few credits, they may still be able to join a program. Remember, the programs are flexible enough that students can take different electives during the semester. Some students may be able to “jump into” a program. Students should speak with an Evening-Weekend Academy Advisor to determine if their academic history fits into a program.

What is the enrollment deadline?

Evening-Weekend Academy students are divided into learning cohorts – groups that share classes, ideas, workshops and tutorials. Since the highest enrollment rates are in the Fall semesters, most of these learning cohorts are created in the summer. During June, July, and August, students attend one of the EWA New Student Orientations and register for the fall cohorts. If a student is not college ready, taking developmental classes in the Spring or Summer semesters would enable entrance into a program in the Fall upon college readiness. Students can enter a program in the Spring as well.

What if I cannot finish the program?

If a student feels he/she will be unable to finish the program, he/she should speak with the Evening-Weekend Academy Advisor. Switching program may be an option. See Can I change my program plan if my work schedule changes below for more information.

What if I do not pass a class?

If students do not meet the course requirements for the semester, they risk the chance of being removed from their cohort. There are certain circumstances that would allow for students to remain in the program, however, each decision is determined by the upcoming course requirements and the sequences of the program plan. Each program is structured a little differently and may accommodate unexpected bumps in the road. There may be scheduling space available for students to “catch up” by taking an online course or taking an additional credit the following semester, but there is no guarantee that the spot will be secured in a class when students do not pass all the program requirements. Students should speak with an advisor to discuss academic options and remain as close to the graduation plan as possible.

Are scholarships and financial aid available to students in the program?

Yes, scholarships and financial aid are available to all students who meet the qualifications. Click here to obtain scholarship and financial aid information.

Can I be in the program if I am an International Student?

The amount of credits taken in each program can vary between six and ten credit hours per semester. International students are able to join a program as long as they meet both the EWA program requirements and international student exchange requirements. Additional credits will be needed to meet requirements. Students should speak with an Evening-Weekend Academy Advisor for more details.

Can I change my program plan if my work schedule changes?

When a student enters a program, he/she makes a commitment to complete that program. Each seat in an Evening and Weekend Academy class has been saved for someone in the program. If the cohort size drops below a certain level, it risks the chance of not making it through the program. That is why it is important to speak to an Evening-Weekend Academy Adviser before making changing your academic course load.

A student may be able to change program options, depending on class size, program size, total credit hours, meeting days, and other program variables. Some of the programs offer the same combination of classes in the same order, but on different days. In which case, there is a possibility of switching programs. Students should discuss their options with the Evening-Weekend Academy Advisor.


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