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Reminder:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Learning Center and Testing Center will be closed July 3-6 for Independence Day Holiday

Learning Center
Math, Science, Business & Technology
Bldg. C, Second Floor
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Placement Test Prep
Bldg. C, Second floor

Testing Center
Bldg. C, Room 203
Phone: 936.273.7377
Fax: 936.273.7413
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Test-Based Review and Practice Materials

Texas Success Initiative (TSI)
Sample Test Questions
Tips for Taking TSI 

- Sample Test Questions
- Writing Essay
- Scoring the Essay

Quick THEA
About Quick THEA
Study Guide

General Review Material

Test Taking Strategies and Test Anxiety

Re-testing Options and Considerations

  • Retesting is available for incoming students who score close to the next level. Speak to an advisor or counselor if you are concerned about your retest scores.
  • It is recommended that students spend time preparing for the retake.
  • You should not retest on the same section more than once. Remember, the goal is to have a solid foundation in reading, writing and math before you start your college-level courses.


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