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Description of Service

In collaboration with business process owners in the functional areas of finance, human resources and the student system, the Lone Star College Office of Technology (OTS) security team manages access to the iStar system through online request forms and automated messaging.


  • OTS supports the functional areas' business processes by effectively managing access to the iStar system.
  • OTS employs a security model that protects institutional data and the system from unauthorized access.
  • Online forms, automated messaging and an automated approval process provides business owners with an efficient and effective process to manage access to the iStar system.


  • Online request form
  • Automated message routing
  • Business owner review and approval
  • Security team review and approval

What to Expect?

The online request form is available 24 x 7 x 365, and the automated message routing is immediate. Approval requires review and action by the OTS Security Team within 2-3 business days.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Identify areas of iStar they need access to based on their job responsibilities
  • Complete online request form

How to get support or make a request

Call 832.813.6600 or 1.866.614.5014

How to get support or make a request

or 1-866-614-5014

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