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My Degree Counts

Top 3 Reasons to Finish

FINISH to keep your job. You are less likely to be unemployed if you have a degree.

FINISH for your children. The likelihood that children go to college increases if at least one parent has gone to college.

FINISH to make more money. You will make about 84% more over your lifetime with a bachelor's degree than with only a high school degree.

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College Graduation

The Center for Houston's Future believes in your potential, and is leading the My Degree Counts initiative to increase the region's college graduation rate 1% by the year 2013.

We want to Help

Get more information on the status of your degree or certificate. Fill out the form below and we will respond back to you with complete research on your current credits and degree or certificate status.  And we'll work with you to map out a strategy to re-enroll and finish what you started.  We are here to help with advisors, financial aid, flexible class schedules to accommodate your work & family.  At Lone Star College our number one goal is student success and credential completion. We want you to succeed.

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